Gunjin Goddess

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The Gunjin Goddess, sometimes identified as "goddess technology" was a series of three mobile suits built shortly before the end of the Kamian Succession Wars, these suits were code-named: Gunjin Goddess Y, Gunjin Goddess Z, and Gunjin Goddess X. The name was chosen as a delibrate counter to the Kamian "God"-type mobile suits that had dominated every conflict.


Though Kamian ships and fighters were no match for those of the Gudersnipe Foundation, their highly advanced mechs gave them a substantial edge. The Battle of Lerma saw the first use of Kamian Gods, and only a handful were needed to decimate the 39th and 102nd Armored Corps of the Crimson Blade (128 Gunjin-type mobile suits in all), along with several dozen mech carriers and the better part of a battle group.

Throughout the war, Kamian Gods would dominate every conflict in which they appeared. It was only when no Gods were available that the coalition forces made any stand. With the war having already gone on over 700 years, the Blind Consul issued special orders which led to the development of the Goddesses.


The term "Gunjin Goddess" would later be used as class or type-name for Gunjins.