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The Horseman was the Foundation's first attempt at a long-range bomber, and was the predeccessor to the Harpy. Horsemans were produced begining in A.Y. 5971 and officially retired in A.Y. 620, a period of 50 years.

In a rare move, design and production of the Horseman was contracted to an outside firm, making it one of the very few fighters not designed, tested, and built entirely in Gudersnipe-owned facilities.

Despite a relatively long production record, few Horsemen were produced, and even fewer deployed into active combat. The Horseman was deemed too slow and unwieldy to survive in high or even medium-threat environments.

Though officially cast as a 40PSL+ fighter, the Horseman could barely reach 38, and not within the alloted time of the acceleration curve test.

Following retirement from active service, most Horseman bombers were scrapped, with only a handful saved for museums.

The Horseman's legacy was in proving the need for a long-range bomber, though it failed to fill that rôle.