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The Gudersnipe Foundation takes a rather pro-active stance on healthcare, and that stance is "If there's ever a war in your area, our soldiers might get hurt. We want you to be ready for that."

Under this basic reasoning, hospitals are over-built, over-staffed, and over-equipped, and most medical supplies have a minimum shelf-life of five years, so patients seeking aid receive otherwise-expensive treatments merely to prevent the medicines from going to waste. Equipment must be tested and periodically used to ensure proper functionality, etc., etc.

Medical care is a high priority to the Gudersnipe Foundation, and top-quality medical care is provided at the Foundation's expense to anyone. Doctors are usually civilians employed by the Foundation and hospital facilities have all equipment and supplies provided to them by the local garrison. Buildings are usually constructed by the Gudersnipe Corps of Engineers with maintenance provided by local civilian contractors. Depending on the size, each hospital may have its own maintenance staff.

Hospital structures are typically over-built, with rigid construction and defensible designs, and capacities far beyond the needs of the local population, used by Foundation soldiers in war-time.