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Iami, a continent in the Southern Reaches, is a dynamic place with a long and rich history.


Early History

Evidence for human habitation points to the existence of a distinct and well-developed culture covering much of the continent during the pre-dynastic era. Unfortunately, no record of this civilization survives, even in secondary sources. Even the archaeological record is scant, but severely examples of highly-skilled stone-work survive, as well as countless examples of urn burials in a coherent tradition.

The known history focuses on dragons.

Ancient Iami was home to three warring dragon flights. In the Sandria Desert, the Sun and Sands Flight made its home in the Womb of the Desert. The locations of the other eyries are unknown, but the names of the flights are preserved: the Laughing in the Dark Flight and the Grim GruRuk Flight. All three fought during the Age of Darkness and the First Chaotic Period. All three commanded empires of human slaves, and fought alongside them, mixing Tower Magic with draconic magic in a fierce and unending conflict.

How much of the old stories are fact and what are inventions of later storytellers will never be known. The Laughing in the Dark Flight, which included necromancers among its human slaves, is known to have given rise to at least one Dracolitch. How and when Laughing in the Dark and Grim GruRuk were destroyed is lost to history, but by the first written records in the mid Dynastic Period, Sun and Sands claimed the entire continent as their territory. According to the oral history of the flight, they defeated the other two, allowing them to claim the land.

Dynastic Period

The first written records of Iami come from B.G.A. 927, when Seteshi Ren began a campaign to conquer the region. The dragons controleld the western deserts which were home to a wide array of noamdic peoples, but the Maze and Central regions were home to two large kingdoms of their own.

dragon worship

New Day

New Day - Iami is one of the regions that banishes Ral to Geth


Iami keeps getting mentioned in other articles, so these are some notes about things that happened there and when:


In A.Y. 3272, the Necromanic Wars began.

Year 385 of the Third Age: Iami attempts to colonize Geth.

After the Necromanic Wars Iami was rulled by something called "Tripartite Powers" and made a serious attempt to colonize Geth in 3385

3397 colony fails

A.Y. 3882 - Geth fishermen sell fish in Iami

3701 geth declares independance.