Icarus Project

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The Icarus Project was an ambitious program began during the late Fifth Age as a top-secret White Project of Gudersnipe School. As the time-table lengthened, it would eventually be moved off-campus and placed under the direct jurisdiction of the Blind Council.


The basic goal of the project was to produce the "big bang bomb": an explosive device capable of producing a solar system.


The project began in A.Y. 5803 and taken out of the school in 5887. It was not completed until A.Y. 6847, over 1000 years later, and too late to be used as a weapon during the Kamian Succession Wars, though rumors persist that early prototypes may have been deployed during the final years of the campaign.


The earliest prototypes of Icarus produced only a star, and there is not much documentation of later models; but knowing the Foundation, they have probably succeeded in secret.