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Industrial Face Annihilators, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Gudersnipe Foundation and is responsible for the design, development, and production of fixed-forward-facing and turret-mounted directed-energy weapons for the Gudersnipe School and Crimson Blade fleets. Specifically, they produce the guns used on everything from Cutters to the largest Battleships. Additionally, their guns are sometimes used on orbital weapons platforms.


IFA was founded in A.Y. 114 to build weapons for the Gudersnipe Foundation. It was initially a seperate legal entity, and sold all manner of weapons and weapon systems to whomever would buy them. A good deal of IFA's startup capital came from an early iteration of the Ruling Council. When the Ruling Council collapsed in A.Y. 127, IFA was able to dodge all financial responsibility, and the debts were not repaid until A.Y. 6115 in a symbolic show of coöperation during the Kamian Succession Wars.

Other Notes

Planet-based directed-energy defense systems are built by IFA's sister-company, Consolidated Knee Breakers, Incorporated. CKB, Inc. borrows much of the same technology, but maintains seperate factories and development facilities. While similar, there are numerous major changes to the type, capacity, and arrangement of CKB, Inc.'s technology.

Smaller weapons, such as the directed energy weapons mounted on corvettes, fighters, and used as close-in or point-defenses, are usually given to a subdiary, such as Consolidated Head Melters. Since orbital weapons paltforms are unmanned, they usually use a less maintenance-intensive type of energy weapon, a type purpose-built by subcontractors.

Notable Employees

In A.Y. 6500 at the height of the Kamian Succession Wars, Industrial C.T.O. Wyrick Balnor made headlines when his usual past came to light, and he enjoyed a brief period as a minor media sensation.