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Terrence is Ivan's best friend and one of SomethingSoft's asset modelers. His exact role is poorly defined, but along with Ivan they seem to be responsible for all of a given game's environments and props.


Terrence was born and raised in Southern California with a very typical suburban up-bringing. His mother was a teacher, and his father sells Bonsai trees. He is half Japanese, half hodgepodge of various Americans. He is the only member of the Mars One mission with two parents and a large number of surviving family members.

Terrence grew up in the suburbs. Scholastically he did unimpressively, and like most kids, was more interested in music and video games than grades. He met Ivan in highschool and they enrolled at CTI together with the shared dream of breaking in to game design. Whilst there, they met Freddie, and the trio went on many cheap college-kid adventures.


Terrence is officially an Environmental Modeler for SomethingSoft, but due to out sourcing, he also handles a lot of the sound. The company farms out it's sound engineering to other studios, who frequently provide incomplete or wrongly-formatted files. Terrence, being "that guy who knows some things about music" landed the roll of making sure the files work. He abuses this power like crazy to slip in his own music files, sound bites, and various easter eggs.


Terrence is reserved and fairly glib. While not without humor or joy, he is, on the whole, an existentialist.


While amatuer radio "enthusiast" might be taking it a bit too far, Terrence has extensive if poorly-understood knowledge of radio, and at times has operated a pirate radio station with some help from Ivan (everything illegal involves some help from Ivan). Terrence is also an active live-action role player, participating in a group that dresses up as Greek gods (he plays Zeus).

Skeletons In Closet

Unknown even to Terrence (but known by Karigo), he is actually adopted. In fact the adoption was not actually formalized or legal: the people who raised him began taking care of him one day and the rest is history.