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The Kangaroo-class is a fighter aircraft designed and built by the Gudersnipe Foundation for the purposes of providing close air-support to ground troops. It is unique among the Foundation's arsenal in that it is designed to be launched from a carrier in orbit.

Launch System

The Kangaroo is fully-sealed and space-worthy, and is equiped with a complete OMS, but lacks an engine capable of exerting enough delta-V for space flight. It is designed to be launched from a standard carrier launch-cradle, then use its orbital manuvering system to get into a re-entry trajectory.

The airframe's titanium-alloy skin is strong enough, but it also employs an active heat-shield to allow for a steeper descent. The air-breathing engines are specially designed for mid-flight cold-start, and the craft has a large glide-ratio. Once at a low enough altitude, the aircraft can fly as normal, and acts like any other fighter.

Retrieval is preformed by a Harpy with a modified coupling system. The two crafts can be mated in mid-air and the Harpy then propels both veihcles to escape-velocity. Alternately, the Kangaroo can land as normal.

Design and Roll

Though designed from the ground-up to function as a ground-support vehicle, the Kangaroo's ability to deploy from space makes it an ideal first-strike weapon during invasions. Typically, it will work in concert with ground forces to secure a landing zone, before more specialized aircraft can be offloaded from transports. Following initial incursion, the Kangaroo functions like any aircraft, but continues to focus on close air support for ground troops and anti-armor strikes capabilities.