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Khornthises, of the Dagon Drago Flight, out of Blutier, by Gomaoth. Khornthises was born into a Dragon Flight that served the Marcon Alliance during the Dynastic Period of the Mage Wars. While Khornthises was a hatchling, his flight was obliterated by Lelerough, Destroyer of Worlds. Only Khornthises survived, and was raised by a human family. Khornthises learned human magic, but fled the Marcons and settled in the human city of Khornth. He soon used his magic to conquer the city, and ruled until the end of the Dynastic Period.

As a practitioner of human magic, Khornthises was very powerful. However, he did not attempt to take over surrounding territories, and was content with a single city.


Khornthises spent much of his time in human-form, and had an elaborate palace built. He lived a life of considerable decadence, though still made sure his humans were well-cared for. His palace was at the center of the city and comprised the grounds surrounding the Mage Tower, to which he frequently took himself to defend the city. He is said to have hosted bountiful feasts each night and enjoyed various displays by human entertainers.

He is also said to have maintained a harem of several thousand human women; however this figure was likely inflated during the Golden Age. Given the size of his holdings and the resources available, his harem was likely less than a hundred at any given time. What survives of his diaries tell that he generally "kept" women only a few years before returning them to the city's general population. The women were also typically compensated for their time.