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Kozek was a powerful Litch and is credited with starting the Grey Temple Necromancy movement which later led to the Necromanic Wars and the genocide of the necromancers.


Kozek is believed to have been born in B.G.A. 3310 on the Arcol Steppe, probably in the Buroak Temple, one of the larger city-states of the region. Very little is known about his parentage or childhood, but given his later accomplishments historians suspect his father was a high priest and his mother a chantress of considerable acclaim. For a long time, antiquarians believed they had identified his mother and father from extant records, but the two individuals named were later determined to have lived roughly two hundred years apart.

In any case, it is known that by the middle of his life Kozek had become a high priest in his own right, not a small feat in a temple of that size. That he would become a litch was never in question, but Kozek demanded more out of undeath than to become a mere necrosage. At that time in their culture, the necromancers did not support any form of ritual suicide; to take one's own life was considered an anethema. While they did not ascribe any ritualistic or religious beliefs to the notion, it was still considered highly unorthodox when, at about the age of fifty, Kozek took his own life that he may be embalmed and begin his immortal litchdom.


Because he had taken his own life at a young age, Kozek had few supporters within the temple structure. Where as raising a Shade or reanimating a corpse is trivial, the process of creating a litch is extremely complex. It requires many dedicated rituals, plus coveted space within the Sanctum Satorum; not to mention the complex and challenging process of embalming and maintaining the body. While it can be done in less, the typical time between death and litchdom was then around five hundred years; and as such there were very few litches in the whole of the Necromanic world. In Kozek's case, he languished in death for closer to two hundred years before his glorious rise.


Kozek's litch rose close to the end of the Golden Age of Necromancy, at the height of Necromancer civilization and power. However, it was also during a time of great unrest. While their culture was at its zenith, the threat of conquest from without was stronger than it had ever been.