Laws of Intent

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The Laws of Intent, also known as the Laws of Antiquity, are a set of codes established in The Book of Lore. In simplest form, the laws state that a given act is not inherently good or evil, but that the intent of the actor must be judged. Intent, then, determines what level of the Underworld a soul will be sentenced to.

Some common examples hold that killing in self-defense or in the defense of another is acceptable, while killing out of anger or for gain is unforgivable.

The exact nature of the Laws of Intent are difficult to codify because, as with everything else in the Book of Lore, eons of bad copies and poor translations have left them a garbled mess. Historians cannot even agree on precisely what the laws were used for; whether it was a legal code, a standard of judgement, or merely a rubric for determining where in the underworld a dead soul would be placed.

It should be noted that the Laws of Intent run very counter to the beliefs of Cardinal Clerics, which hold that morality is handed down by god and that certain acts are absolutely forbidden.