Lonely Mountain

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Lonely Mountain is a single conical volcano in the Lowland Plains. It is surrounded on three sides by a lake, and is the location of a small Mage Tower. For around a century towards the end of the Mage Wars, it was thought to house a flight of dragons.

Mage Tower

By the Second Age, the tower had crumbled completely; but based on descriptions and sketches made during the first years of the Golden Age, it was likely a Marconian outpost built during the mid-to-late Dynastic Period.

For over 100 years, the tower was occupied by a mage named Finley Ray, who joined Eieber's long march and used her army of feral dragons to help conquer Korrinth.

The Lonely Mountain Flight

For much of the last century of the Age of Mages, a fearsome dragonflight roamed the northern end of the Lowland Plains region, known as the Lonely Mountain Flight. Their eerie was, of course, located on Lonely Mountain. The flight was ruthless, territorial, and considered fiercely intelligent.

For nearly a century, the dragons of Lonely Mountain defended their territory against all comers, allowing only a handful of sparsely-populated villages to remain unharmed.

But the flight had a secret: it was not a dragon flight at all, but a collection of feral dragons, gathered from all over the continent, and controlled by magic. They were the minions of Finley Ray.