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The web community site for Mage Wars RPG or Year of Fire. This is a place to jot down some notes and record ideas.

The site will contain:

  • Character creator
  • NPC/Unit Generator
  • Unit Catalogue
  • Art Bible
  • Lore Wiki
  • Stories Archive
  • Art Gallery
  • Disucssion forums
  • MUD system(basically some rudimentary tools for allowing people to play over the internet)
  • Other tools for turning the game into a mixed-media experience.
  • Store

Rules Stuff

  • Art Bible
  • Lore Wiki
  • Character creator
  • NPC/Unit Generator
  • Unit Catalogue

This is basically the contents of the rulebook(in cross-linked form). Though the "rules wiki" and "lore wiki" should be fairly distinct(They'll be sold in two separate volumes).

The character generator can be used for making player characters and human-like characters as well. The unit generator will need to be different as units are considerably less sophisticated. A key element to each is imagination: these are both tools to be used, not reules enforcement devices.

The Art Bible is seperate from the gallery insofar as it is a series of specific exmaples connected to the lore wiki/bible. E.G. "This is a mage tower." "This is a dragon".

Tools Stuff

These are all tools for playing the game. The character creator isn't included, weirdly. This is a mix of tools for in-person play as well as remote play.

In Person Play

What about a DM Soundboard? Picture it: there's mood music, so what if the DM has a soundboard he can use to help "set the stage" with various beats and loops to play in the background. We can provide some of this, the users can add more. The boards could also have sound effects, etc.

The art gallery is part of this section, its there to give worldshaper's something to show the players. "You see a this, it looks like this". This section might also include rather flowery description.

Maps, grids, dungeon pages, etc.

Cool-down tracker "app". Yeah i'd be awesome if we could make a legit app out of this, but failing that a simple web-based application would be fine. In fact, just building a mobile-friendly site would be easier than makin an app. Basically all this tool does is facilitate tracking of spell/activated ability cool downs. It is NOT RULES ENFORCEMENT. The idea is you pick your characters things from a list, and it just tracks them, with a master "tic" button, etc.

Online Player

Assume the players are all connected through something like skype, these are just tools to help everyone visualize and make playing online a little easier. It'd be a lot like an old-school MUD in which part of the screen is a "chat" or commands pannel, and part is an image everyone can modify with commands.

This may be as simple as letting "player" characters have a piece they can move around with simple commands(maybe even arrow keys on their turn). The worldshaper could have a slightly more sophisticated console(or just commands list) that allows him to spawn monsters, move players himself, etc. This could also include a multi-user version of the cool downs trackers.


Pretty generic, but tied in. Someplace for people to discuss campaigns, share ideas, etc. We know what a discussion forum is.

User Submitted Crap

Here's the fun part. So we have the Lore Wiki, we also have an art style guide. Now we let people write fan faction and create fan art. But this is not an open free-for-all, only the good stuff gets accepted. If it conforms to the lore and it meets various style guides, it gets posted in this section. This could be dramatic telling of some group's campaign, or just something someone made up as a fan.

All of this is subject to review, approval, and edits. This is not a place for people to submit their own original work(there are about 10,000 other sites around the web for that). This is a place for people to submit things based on the Mage Wars cannont I am creating.

Now here's the fun part: every so often, we get to pick the best and brightest, the coolest stuff, and sell it. We'll release artbooks and story combilations, campaign books, etc