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This page contains a listing of all the fields that will one day exist on the character sheet. Based on MRPG New System Theorycraft, I will attempt to make a sample warrior.


  • Name
    • Class


  • Attack

Attack is Proficiency + Character Level + Class Bonus + Stance. For a typical character, this should add up to 30-40

  • Defense
  • Dodge
  • Armor Class
  • Hit Dice


Lets say each proficiency starts at 3 and you get 5 points to distribute. If the maximum number of skill increases totals 13, then the absolute most you could have in any one skill is 21. Lets say he throws all 5 creation points into swordsmanship.

  • Weapon proficiency, Bladed - 8
  • Armor Proficiency, Heavy - 3
  • Shield Proficiency - 3

One idea is that proficiencies are going to be augmented at the Worldshaper's discretion, and using race, background, and other factors. So for now this number layout is acceptable.


Lets say each stat starts at 5, at character creation the player gets 24 points to distribute. There are a total of 9 stat increases while leveling, putting the maximum possible points in any one stat at 38(and leaving you basically a cripple at everything else). Since the main function of stats is to cap skills, there's no real advantage to putting more than 21 into a specific stat(of course...).

Let's say my fighter wisely spreads his stat points around but focuses heavily on strength:

  • Strength - 15
  • Dexterity - 5
  • Recovery - 10
  • Stamina - 10
  • Speed - 5
  • Intelligence - 5
  • Wisdom - 5
  • Will - 9

Calculating To-Hit

My current to-hit math says that a character attacking with no bonus will hit 29%, a bonus of 20 will hit 50% of the time, and needs a whopping +35 to hit 70% of the time

Ok, lets break down how we can get there:

+8 from proficiency +5 from class +1 from level +20 from stance =34, has him hitting 67% of the time. That is acceptable.

Just an extra +3 from dropping shields in favor of a special would get him to 71%

Adding an extra +5 from a Background gets him to 80%

Lets say he switches to Balanced, to-hit drops to 64%, reasonable! And then he goes full defensive? 51%. That's all roughly what we want to see.

I think we solved that problem