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The Triangle is a visual way to represent how your character is meant to operate in combat. The three basic tenets being ranged, melee, and magic.


All things being equal, the triangle should look like an isosceles: all sides the same. Of course, as the saying goes, "The jack of all trades is the master of none." - the character who wishes to generalize in all three can be effective and versatile, but never attain mastery in any one area. Players should not shy away from this, because good utility has its value.

Characters need not generalize, of course. The aim is to provide a very flexible framework, allowing players the widest possibly array of options. One player might look at the available arcotypes and decide to focus entirely on hitting things with a sword, and have a triangle that is less a triangle and more a line:


And that, as well, is completely acceptable. Ideally, a Warrior's triangle SHOULD look a lot like that. A Mage's triangle should not. That would mean they are putting all their capabilities into melee, which doesn't make sense for a spellcaster. The mage's triangle should look like a line going the other way, with "magic" instead.

Hybrid Triangles

The Hybrid classes (MRPG Paladin and MRPG Battling Sorcerer) get a bit more interesting. These classes are designed to have a certain amount of generalization. They are the bridge between the sword and the spell, and magic and combat become one. And because of course no self-respecting Paladin is going to let a little thing like distance get in the way, it helps to have some ranged ability. Hybrid.jpg

Hybrid triangles can also look a bit more like this:


However, a good hybrid character should never be focused on a single skill to the exclusion of all others. What would be the point of taking the class otherwise?