Mabach Micoru

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Founded in A.Y. 4107, Mabach Micoru was the first of the so-called "mega corporations" to form during a 600-year period known as The Corporate Era. Micoru formed on the basis of the Mabach Consortium, which gained voting control over a number of conglomerates with multi-world business connections. The pooled resources of the mega-corp gave them the power to colonize worlds. Ostensibly, this was for the purposes of resource exploitation, but unofficially, the colonies granted them the right to buy and field armored warships. Within 20 years, Mabach had a fleet of sub-dreadnoughts capable of going toe-to-toe with Alliance regulars. As the Gudersnipe Foundation had few inroads in the regions of space in which this was going on, they were unable to intervene.


Mabach was known as the most aggressive, least caring of the corporate states. Although not deliberately, most corporate worlds had rigid caste systems, with the majority of "employees" in abject poverty, while a privileged few became incredibly wealthy. In violation of Alliance law, Mabach issued its own currency, which was not honored outside its 'company towns'; a matter which further kept the work-force indentured to them. Only those wealthy enough to trade in actual currencies had a chance of exit, but these were the privileged few who enjoyed more luxuries under corporate rule.


Mabach began by refitting old long-haul passenger ships, since these were typically built to higher standards than freighters. By the 4160s, they had the resources to field purpose-built warships. Wherever possible, they would obtain actual surplus military vessels, and even obtained a few former Crimson Blade warships from wrecking yards. Their ships were easily powerful enough to tangle with Alliance military, as well as any of the member-worlds. Being well outside the power base of the Runarin star empire and other large multi-world governments gave them impunity.

The large-scale colonies, dubbed 'corporate worlds' gave them the ability to domestically produce N1 technology, and they were known to be in aggressive pursuit of strategic weapons.