Midnight Sun

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Midnight Sun was the project name for a system deployed along with Gudersnipe Foundation Relief Fleets. Specially designed starships deploy tens of thousands of satellites which orbit a planet, reflecting sunlight and transferring solar energy. Several groups of satellites working in congress can keep an area lit around the clock.


The satellites can serve many functions. Their most common use is to provide light for crop lands, decreasing growing time and increasing the length of growing seasons. While not used on a long-term basis, short-term this technology can save a planet from famine.

Alternatively, the satellites and provide additional light to ground-based solar generators, improving their productivity and output. This is used, again in the short-term, as a way to provide additional energy on a large scale.

In some rare cases, the satellites are actually used to change the seasons, turning winter into an artificial spring or summer. This is done in the case of extreme emergencies, in regions where thousands might freeze to death in winter. Because of the long-term environmental damage, this is regarded as a dangerous, "last-ditch" procedure.


Midnight Sun satellites are deployed by specially-designed starships. Typically, each fleet will have only one or two of the vessels. Each ship is capable of deploying over 800,000 satellites. Each satellite has a surface area of roughly 53,000 square feet, made possible by deploying sail-like wings.