Mind Control Magic

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Mind control is one of the most sought-after and complicated magics in the known worlds. It is extremely complicated(as is the human mind), and it is not possible for one person to dictate another person's conscious decisions. Most attempts at mind control fall into one of several categories:

Enchanted Hypnosis

Works much the same as regular hypnosis, and is limited in much the same way. A mage can provide suggestions and implant ideas, but they cannot force a person to act in a way they are not willing to. And in most cases, once the target becomes aware of the hypnosis, they can easily fight it off. One interesting thing of note: even none-mages can easily fight a mage attempting to hypnotize them, usually much more effectively than another mage could.


This is as simple as physically taking control of another person; seeing through their eyes and dictating the motion of their limbs. This is the most effective and most common form, but has many serious drawbacks. Typically even a talented mage can only control one target at a time. And since this is direct control(not suggestion) the target will absolutely not act in a manner in line with their usual patterns. Movements are typically very stiff; the voice(if the subject can be made to speak) will sound wooden and take on the qualities of the controller. In short, puppetry is extremely easy to spot and has few uses beyond disabling a potentiall target - itself a goal accomplishable through much easier means.

Selective Disablement

If the human brain can be imagined as a complex machine with many switches, then this method allows the controller to 'shut off' certain segments of a targets mind. This does not necessarily lead directly to control, but can make someone far more suggestible. The major drawback is, much like with hypnosis, once the target becomes aware, they can begin to fight back.

Along with selective disablement comes rules or blocks, roughly analogous to computer programing. A mage could implant a single order in a subject, something like "You cannot hurt me", which renders the subject unable to take any action which might harm the mage. Many such rules could be created to form a complex logic-tree. While this provides the highest potential degree of 'control' while still leaving the target able to think and act on their own, it is also the most likely to be noticed and thus resisted. A single rule could be countered with basic logic. Say a mage implants the command "You cannot hurt me"; the target could easily pay someone else to hurt the mage. Or set fire to a building the mage is inside of. Or, in one notable instance, stab them through the heart killing them instantly(because "You cannot hurt me" and "You cannot kill me" are two different orders).