Mount Frunawa

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Frunawa is a mountain in Rowen, where every able-bodied Rowen travels to make their first bow from trees cultivated specially on its slopes. Despite its importance, the region is sparsely populated, with only a small town and a few productive farms which provide food and shelter to travelers.

Pilgrims traveling to the site are expected to survive alone as they craft their bow, and their own tools as well. Any permanent settlement might unfairly contribute to these endeavors, marring the religious experience.

The most sacred site is a very large geothermal spring which emits a hot river. Bathing in the waters further down stream is a part of the pilgrimage. Closer to the source, the steam from the vent causes peculiar growth patterns on the trees, which makes the wood springier and stronger. Though the species of tree is common, the wood from those grown in the valley is unique.