Mourn River

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The Mourn River is a river that runs through the city center of Arindell. The river is the outflow of Long Lake, and runs past Maryn Beach. The Mourn then flows down out of the mountains, roughly following the path of the train tracks, past Boarder Watch and eventually into the Biswon River.


The river was originally natural, fed by glacial runoff and snow melt along the side of High Mountain. When the valley was first settled bi Eieber he chose a spot where the river bent around a high prominatory of rock to build his fortress. Thus, the Mourn has always been an intrinsic part of the character of Arindell.

Old Alliance Era

Early in the Golden Age, Lieber Dam was constructed, impounding Long Lake. The river was was still an important part of the city and the defenses for Valley Gail Keep, but the dam allowed the water level to be regulated as well as controlling periodic floods. The Mourn also fed a series of canals throughout the city.

Later History

During the Long Night the inflows for the hydroelectric station at Eieber Dam became clogged with silt, and the Mourn River dried up. The outflow of the lake was instead directed out through a different spillway. The river was virtually erased by thousands of years, until the city's reconstruction during the New Day.

The new course for the river was set artificially and based around the new city's plan. It was directed through concrete channels, though made to look like a natural river on the surface.