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New Rack Theorycraft

Exact Rack Dimentions

  • Height - 61"
  • Width - 20 1/4 "
  • Depth - 24"
    • Depth expands to 32"

total width 40 3/8 "

Depth is unavoidably 32.

Plywood is 48" x 96"

  • Have the first sheet cut down 3x 32x48 pieces, then trip it at home.
  • need 4x sheets, use rest for side panels.
  • Panels = 32" x 25"

So the plan, such as it is:

  • 2x sheets of 3/4" plywood cut into 32x48" sections(6 total) trim to exact length at home.
  • 4x 2x4s - if I can fit them in the van whole, bring them home and cut at home, the cross-section is 40 3/8ths minus 1 1/2"(get someone who can do math to work this out). If have to cut, cut them to 41 inches and trim at home.
    • Need 8x of these total, should be possible from 4x 2x4s
  • Uprights - 21.25" need 2x 2x4s for this get 3 to be safe.
  • 16x short nut/bold combo for the uprights
  • 16x nut/bolt combos for the crosspieces

Total: 7 2x4s 2x 3/4" interior-grade plywood, lots and lots of felt pads for feet, hardware for bolting racks down

Shopping list

  • 2x sheets of 3/4" interior grade plywood cut into 32" strips
  • 7x 2x4s
  • 16x nut/bolt/washer combos
  • 8x big wood screws that wont go all the way through a 2x4

86" floor to max height.

This gives us 25" to work with at the bottom. Removing the Casters gives us a cubby height of 21.25", probably be closer to 21 with feet.

Height of 32U = 64" ?

This would leave 22" from floor to bottom of rack. Given 2x two-by-four + 3/4" plywood = 3.75" + casters... cubbies at the bottom will only be 17" or so high - however that's easily enough to accommodate a bin.

Target depth 24" back to front. Problem: MFG says 24" min depth and there are ears on the front and back. However, the plates on the front and back that would make it longer appear to be removable/optional, making it possible to hit the 24" goal.

Distance to wall 40" - would leave 16" clear behind, more if we put them at an angle

arrangement thoughts - for visual appeal i want them either cantelivered out or in. However, I could also do straight and bolt them together for added stability.

  • Cart arrangements
    • Using 3/4" for everything, just for ease, so thats top + sides + bottom - this also adds additional weight.
      • So crosspiece 2x4s assuming 40" width should actually be 38.5 inches to accomodate
  • Ideally carts will be 40" wide and 24" deep however this is not looking possible.
  • Hope springs anu! the dealies on the front and back may be removable!

What I probably out to do is bolt the two carts together. Even though I don't much fancy this option.

  • 2x4 = 1.5" thick.


NEW 32GB Micron 2RX4 PC4 19200 DDR4 2400T Server Memory Ram MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G3B1

Scratch page for my notes on a new computer I am looking to build. Most info will probably be obsolete by the time I get around to it.

  • Motherboard: Asus Z10PE-D16 WS $530
  • CPUs: Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3 2.4 GHz 8 Core Processor x2 $1266
  • RAM: 64gb kit 16x 4 = $817

Big 3 = 2613

Better try and cut that down slightly.

Modified price-point:

  • Mobo: 470
  • CPUs: 614
  • RAM: 400

Drops the price to 1500ish.


I like the one I've chosen and it's dropped $100 in price. May even be worth looking to grab a used one as I've had good luck with that.


Re-thinking my commitment to 8 cores. I *THING* I might benifit more from using 4-core 3.5ghz CPUs than 8-core 2.4s. My total number of cores remains the same - but I gain some serious gigi-hertz.


I do not want to spend $800 on RAM.


Internet recommends Samsung m.2.

Found that one I like but will likely be sold out. Not going to make any snap decisions.

Will need adapter like this:

Spinning Disks

Case should have room for existing 1tb drive and will use spare 4tb drive for whatever. Want to have one of those bays to yank the disks in and out.

Optical Drive

I think I will pull out one of my external drives and just set it up permanently on the side. I no longer need a built-in drive.