Paladins of the Afterglow

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Paladins of the Afterglow Full title: Paladins of the Afterglow. Or, A Testament and History and Study of the Divine Works and Crusades of the Holy Order of the Cardinal Star in the Years and Decades Following the Death of Hope, in Attestation to and Recognition of the Conviction and Devotion of the Paladins and their Fervent Struggle to Hold the Line Against the Darkness and Preserve the Sacred and Undying Tenements and Articles of the Faith, Unabridged, is a book written in around A.D. 60 which concerns the sacrifices of First File paladins during the resistance against Samuel Fate.

The book is written in prose form with no chapters, sections, breaks, or punctuation. The entire book is a single sentence. The original was written by hand, and printed versions were not created until the New Day. It is three feet long and twenty inches wide, and nine inches thick. It is roughly 5,000 pages long and thought to contain 25,252,525 words. Printed reproductions generally put the count around that number.