Rak'ris Well

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Rak'ris Well was a weapon of indescribable power created during the Mage Wars. The exact nature of the weapon is unknown, but its devastation has never been matched.

It descents from a sky, as though a star had fallen from Heaven. Where it lands, everything close bursts into instant flame. Heat and fire as the tongue of a dragon races into the air, as though trying to escape it. Where it sits, it melts the very stone with white-hot fury.

But it does not sit. It lands, it touches, then erupts into the air once more, tossed about without control. Nothing can approach, nothing can stop. It burns eternal.

No known methods to combat the Well have survived, but it is believed they could be countered with extremely powerful magics.


The first primary source for Rak'ris Well comes from the mid Dynastic Period, when five of the weapons were used against the Marcon Alliance. Secondary sources may refer to their use as far back as the early First Chaotic Period. The name itself refers to Rak'ris, a mage who lived around B.G.A. 3500, and is considered the most likely creator of the well.

Wells were used throughout the Mage Wars, with the last known incidence happening in 157 B.G.A. These weapons came with no "off" switch, so hypothetically all of them are still bouncing around somewhere, destroying things.


Based on contemporary accounts, the Gudersnipe Foundation determined that the weapon worked by constantly putting out approximately 18.7 gigawatts of power in the form of heat. Attempts to replicate the conditions could only be accomplished through computer simulations, and in the end the physicts in charge of the study threw up their hands and ended the report with "Damned if we know!".