Raul Kem

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Raul Kem was a Slayer Dragon in the mid Fourth Age and is best known as the last Slayer Dragon to be interred in the Valley of Sleeping Dragons.

At the time of his death, the custom of burning bodies in ash pits had become very popular, and Kem was largely looked down upon for his decision to be interred. However, Kem came from a people who regarded the human body as sacred; and for him, the very idea of letting his body be burned was a sacrilege.

His tomb was very simple, and his monument on the surface very small. No act in his life, heroic though he was, was enough to eclipse what was, at the time, considered a very selfish act at death. For several hundred years after his death, Kem was regarded with great contempt, until he was forgotten around the end of the Fourth Age.

By the early Fifth Age, the practice of ash pits was regarded less as a fashion, and more a matter of practicality. Kem's "defiance" of the new system was completely forgotten, along with Kem himself. He found redemption, however, around mid Fifth Age, as


Raul Kem is responsible for the First File no longer carrying the battle standard of a specific Slayer Dragon.