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Rubiceye is a Sorcerer who may have held the rank of Arch Magus. He is credited with the invention of Necromancy. He lived very early in the Mage Wars and most records of his existence were destroyed during the Necromanic Wars.

His exact date of birth is unknown, though anecdotal evidence suggests he lived for more than 200 years (his life having been extended by magic), and that some of his early work may have contributed to the beginning of the Mage Wars.

If the old legends are believed, he was born 20 or 30 years before the Mage Wars began (at the tail-end of the Age of Darkness), and was already an accomplished mage at their beginning. He may have been at the original High Tower, most likely as a lower-level mage.

He made several attempts at inventing Necromancy, and many of his failed attempts are credited as causes of the Mage Wars. Vampires came into existence through one of his magical experiments. Other early attempts at raising the dead caused massive loss of life, and he was probably expelled from High Tower and most likely attacked.

He succeeded in creating Necromancy around B.G.A. 3500, after which he soon died. According to the Necromancers' creation myth, he gave his life to embue all of his followers with the power he had created. This account is disputed by historians, but most Necromancers firmly believe it. The best evidence to support this belief, is that Rubiceye's body was never raised, and modern Necromancers cannot find his soul in the Underworld, thus lending credence to the notion that both were destroyed at the genesis of the magic.

Unfortunately, very little is truly known about Rubiceye other than that he did exist and did create a new type of magic.