Seacrest Spire Flight

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The Seacrest Spire Flight is a dragon flight located along the Sword Coast south of Sun's Beacon. Unlike other flights in the region, Seacrest is not an offshoot of Lowland Hills but was rather settled by another of the ancient nomadic flights.

Seacrest Spire

Seacrest's eerie is located in a mountain where the Barrier Range meets the Sword Coast and the sea, in a small offshoot called the Erum Range. The spire itself is a particularly jagged mountain shaped by wind and erosion. The peak is very distinct, and even those who do not believe in dragons frequently, upon seeing it, will joke that "surely a dragon must live there!".


Seacrest has always been fiercely independent. During the Mage Wars various human clans attempted to conquer them, including at one point the Marcons. They were never taken, and remained a free flight throughout the war.

Seacrest has feuded with High Mountain on numerous occasions, most notably over rights to the Agras Plain, over whom both flights claim ownership since the extinction of Water Drake Flight before the beginning of the First Chaotic Period. Due to the vast (even by dragon standards) distance separating them, the conflict has never broken out in war. The flights argue mainly out of honor, each refusing to cede dominion of lands too distant for either to fully exploit.

Due to numerous intermarriages between members of Seacrest and High Mountain, the two flights can never go to war and are, by dragon law, considered allies. If Seacrest entered a conflict with another flight, High Mountain would be forced to support them, or vice-versa. Neither flight will publicly admit to their allied status, but Seacrest has dispatched warriors to the Lowland Plains to assist High Mountain against Ozork Flight.