Selena Golrig

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Selena Golrig is a mythological warrior and part of the Rowen Pantheon of gods. According to Rowen beliefs, he fought Ebetans during the Rowen/Ebetan war in the early First Chaotic Period of the Mage Wars.

The legend says that he went into battle with just fourteen arrows in his quiver, and alone faced an army of 15,000 men. With each arrow, he killed 1,000, but when he ran out of arrows the remaining men were able to kill him.

Myth vs. Reality

The Gudersnipe Foundation's cultural anthropology museum is filled with tens of thousands of artifacts gathered during the Mage Wars and after. Among the many stacks are documents captured from the Marcons, who in turn took them from the Ebetans.

The documents include a copy of a report from the Rowen/Ebetan conflict, and mentions a soldier named Selena Golrig: not a transcription of Rowen oral tradition, but an actual report from the ancient Rowen army.

According to the report, Selena was not a commander, but a fairly low-ranking officer. He caried 29 arrows and is credited with 37 kills in that conflict, in which he himself was mortaly wounded and died before re-inforcements could arrive.

Whether Selena re-used arrows or actually killed multiple men with a single shot is unknown, but the report provides the basis for the mythological character.

The Rowen/Ebetan war continued all the way into the Second Chaotic Period, during which much of ancient Rowen's civilization was devastated. When the new nation emerged in the Golden Age, they had most likely lost all records of the early battles.

The story of Selena's brave sacrifice, retold over 3,000 years, had been embellished and extended, and by the Golden Age the story of him killing 1,000 men with a single arrow was the popular myth, and he was believed to be a god.