Skolla Shawni

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Skolla Shawni was a man who lived in the mid to late Fifth Age. Though called a historian by some sources, he made his living for the bulk of his life as a page at the Library of Arindell, restocking shelves and organizing books. He lived in near-complete destitution, but always seemed to be reading, spending his off-hours in the library and often chastised for reading on his shift.

He became rather famous in A.Y. 5751 when, at the age of 75, he published a treatise entitled "The Diary of Skolla Shawni", in which he gave a rather fantastic account of his life and a lengthy adventure he went on with a childhood friend whom he claimed--and provided significant evidence backing this--was the reincarnation of a Dynastic Period sorcerer.

Skolla found some fortune and success after the treatise, consulting on other historical works and even contributing to a revision of the Accepted Histories (though his contributions were minor). He lived well for his final years and died at the age of 79, leaving behind a legacy of notes and research.