Stormreaver Valley

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Stormreaver Valley is a mountain valley high in the Stormreaver Range that is home to the city of Arindell, the capital of the Alliance, and the fortress of Valley Gail Keep, headquarters of the Slayer Dragons.

Stormreaver Valley and the surrounding mountain range belong to the High Mountain Flight, a powerful dragon flight which has controlled the region since the Age of Darkness. Humans were granted the right to settle there by the flight in A.Y. 11, the first year of the Golden Age. This agreement was negotiated by Eieber, who felt having a dragon flight watching your back would be a wise choice of roommates.


Stormreaver Valley could originally be reached only by one narrow and extremely defensible series of canyons. A railroad line was built through this to carry passengers and supplies up to the city.

Later, though still in Eieber's lifetime, a second route was created by tunneling over three hundred miles through solid rock. This tunnel contains two rail lines and a six-lane highway. Where the tunnel came out of the ground, small towns were established as rest stops along the way. In Eieber's time, only horse-drawn rail cars and carrages made the journey, so many additional rest stops were needed inside the tunnel system

The rest towns along the way are located in small, isolated valleys unreachable by foot. Strong winds through the mountains also make them difficult to get to by air, making them easily as defensible as Stormreaver Valley itself.

A third, secret route, also exists via a natural cave system under Arindell. Access to this cave is closely guarded, and the existence of a passage through the cave and out of the mountain range is not publicly known.