Tabernacle of the Perennial Colonnade

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The Tabernacle of the Perennial Colonnade is the seat of power for the Doseu, the nominal head of the Cardinal Clerics. It is also one of the chief training grounds for Paladins of the First File, and is an important cult site in Cardinalism.


The Colonnade was constructed early in the Golden Age and built, like other structures in the valley, on a grand scale. It was originally planned as a "simple" church (though one of the largest and most richly decorated in the known worlds), but as the Order of the Cardinal Star coalesced under Eieber, it began to unit the disparate factions of Cardinalism in a way never seen before.

Design and Layout

A common misconception is, the name of 'Perennial Colonnade' refers to the central hypostyle hall. The hall itself is named "The Isle of the Cardinal Star" and the name is inscribed above the door. The Perennial Colonnade refers to the entire structure. The hypostyle hall is built half into the cliff face, half outside, with two rings of walls sheltering it from the valley. Above the hall, dozens of large terraces were built into the cliffside. The stonework is riddled with tunnels and chambers, and the entire enterprise is much larger than most visitors realize.


The Perennial Colonnade is home to several very important officials within the Cardinal Star. Chiefly the Doseu as well as the Officer of the Light and the the Officer of the Dragon Marshal, which, while not a religious position, is none the less headquartered there.


A somewhat tongue-in-cheek joke often made is the huge number of gardeners employed by the Tabernacle. These are mostly failed paladins or others who have devoted their life to the church but have no real position or assigned task. Among the paladins specifically, it is especially difficult to leave the pious life behind if they fail. With nowhere else to go and often no other skills, they remain at the Tabernacle, train other paladins, and do odd jobs. Food and housing are provided, and each is given a small stipend.