The Ninth Street Incident

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The incidences spawned by the Special Artifact Curation and Care warehouse located at 229 B. Ninth Street in Arindell are outlined as follows.


In A.Y. 6905, SACC attempted to purchase an additional warehouse to store magical artifacts confiscated by the Rangers. The building did not, as media outlets would late report, house any items retrieved by the Order of Slayer Dragons, as these would be much more dangerous and high-profile. While conditions of the sale were being negotiated, the SACC signed a short-term lease allowing them to begin using the building immediately. Later reports confirmed that over a three-day period, the SACC moved as many as 25,000 items into the structure. Standard reporting protocols had not been followed for any of them, and most of the contents were completely uncatalogued. The Rangers would later insist that every single item was tagged and paperwork existed for it, but that the SACC lost the tags.

In late 6905, the building fell out of escrow. The SACC, at the time attempting to purchase three additional buildings, failed to file proper paperwork. Another department continued to send rent, but the holding company that owned the the deed fell into receivership and the rental money began to be rejected without notice by SACC. All records of the building were misplaced sometime in 6906, the whereabouts remain unknown.

In early 6907, the warehouse, which had not been opened since 6905, was foreclosed upon by the banks and put up for auction. It was bought by a private holding company. Details of this company were never disclosed.


Shortly thereafter, hundreds of crimes occurred on the streets of Arindell, facilitated by the use of magical items. At leas 21 people were killed over a two-week period. Some murders, some homicides, and some died by mis-using items. Thousands of magical items were pouring onto the streets, sold or used directly by various criminal gangs. The Slayer Dragons took quick action and were able to locate and secure the warehouse in a matter of days.