The Real Life Super Hero

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On the planet known as Gleb 8411 (or "Persephone" by her inhabitants) dwelt a highly enigmatic being who baffled scientists and historians for millennia. The mystery, the nature, and why he existed were not determined until long after his death.

Some Background

In order to place this character in his proper historical context, we must first understand a bit more about Persephone.

It's a fairly ordinary Charlie-class planet orbiting a main-sequence star. Its ancient history is unknown, but it was settled sometime in the mid Dynastic Period as a slave-world where the transplanted population was to mine for precious metals. The operation was never particularly large, and by the time the Second Chaotic Period began, the population was probably hovering around one million.

The slaves rebelled and killed their Marconian taskmasters, then set about building a society of their own. It's estimated that the revolution and resulting disorganization left maybe three to four hundred thousand healthy survivors. With a rich planet full of plentiful resources, they flourished, and a unique culture developed, isolated from the known worlds.

After 1700 years, the people had perfected electricity, computers, radio communications, air travel, and myriad of other technologies. Magic was unknown to them, because any native child indisputably talented therewith, was confiscated, brainwashed, and raised Marcon; and therefore, this talent was almost negligible after the Empire lost the world. Whatever Marconian sorcerers remained were killed in the uprising, and the survivors were quick to bury as much of their history as possible.

So the society developed in isolation with no real concept of magic or fantasy, save what they could produce on their own.

And then came the hero.

Rise of GoodMan

Known simply as "GoodMan", he was a costumed, crime-fighting super hero who defeated enemies in a ridiculously flamboyant fashion. He demonstrated actual super powers, including super strength, super speed, and near invulnerability.

What made GoodMan particularly notable was that his powers defied both rational explanation and scientific logic. He was repeatedly observed lifting objects in ways that should have made them crumble into dust. In one particularly well-documented case, he picked up an entire building with one hand, by a corner. Attempts to lift that same building with mechanical machinery only shore off a piece of the corner. But he did, and would routinely perform similar feats.

GoodMan was not a hero of legend. His existence is fully documented, with massive video and photographic records. He was a celebrity, and even starred as himself in multiple movies.