The Saturnal Lands

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Located south of The Dragonlands, the Saturnal Lands were home to an advanced civilization during the First Chaotic Period, and comfortably coexisted with the Dragonlands until both were destroyed by the Marcon Alliance. Little is known about the Saturnal: the region has never been explored in modern times and no archeological survey has been made. What information survives comes from the oral tradition handed down by the dragons.


According to the dragons, no flights laid claim to the region. The culture there was one of peace and trade. The peoples were masters of the land, and particularly adept at water management, building an awe-inspiring network of canals and irrigation channels. The best known among these is the so-called "Saturnal Bridge", glimpsed by passing ships. Hundreds of miles long, this wonder of engineering connects two continents, and carries water from the rainy north to the arid south. The bridge has never been studied, but is thought to be some twelve millennia old. How exactly the people of the Saturnal were able to construct such a marvel and make it last is a mystery.

It is known they designed everything with enormous time-scales in mind. Even the poorest among them lived in stone houses meant to last eons. So much of their civilization is intact because they built primarily in dry stone. The dragons claim they were 'total pacifists' but this cannot be confirmed. They fell around the same time as the Dragonlands, but no evidence of a Marconian invasion has been found. The region was uninhabited in the Second Chaotic Period.

Recorded History

When the Alliance formed at the beginning of the Golden Age, the Phoenix Tavern dragon flight laid claim to the Saturnal Lands, and cartographers began to include the continent in the Dragonlands. The area was remote enough that without a large-scale colonization program exploration was not viable.

It was not until the publication of Scalgdorf's On Dragonology that a casual reference was made to the Saturnal, and further questioning of Phoenix Tavern revealed a lost civilization in the region.