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Thompson Coilworks, Inc., is a sub-components manufacturer and wholly-owned subsidiary of the Gudersnipe Foundation. They are responsible for numerous engine parts used aboard starships. The company is not notable for anything and is not generally known to exist by the civilian world, despite being a major employer in Foundation-controlled territory. Their most commonly-used part is the magnetic constrictors used in Ion-Vacuum engines. The medium to large engines, not smaller units. Nor do they produce the constrictors for very large commercial and military vessels.

The company does brisk business, since even the smallest ships using their product require several thousand of the units; larger engines(the largest using a magnetic constrictor of the type Thompson produces) can use over a million of them, burning them out at a rate of perhaps one or two per week.

Thomspon's biggest single customer is the G.S.S. Saratoga, a Glorious Heritage-class Light Destroyer, retrofit with engines that use the highly expensive Thomson Ten Eighty-Seven model magnetic constrictor. The ship requires over two million of the units and destroys about a hundred of them each weak. The C.E.O. of Thompson sent the Saratoga's captain a framed photograph of himself, signed "speed and greed".

THe Saratoga was later retrofit to use the even more expensive Thompson Ten Ninety-Three.