Transverse River System

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The Transverse River System is part of a network of rivers that form a major transportation route through Modia. The system consists of five rivers, two large lakes, and thousands of miles of canals. It links the cities of Memphis, Transverse, and The Fellower; with Fellower Bay, and allows for the movement of goods from the vast interior of Modia all over the Brutish Sea.


The primary river is The Transverse, which is further divided into two sections above and bellow the city of Transverse. The Upper Transverse River and Lower Transverse River are the main sections, these are fed directly into by the Delta River and the Cappa River. The Pike River above Lake Draught is also navigable and provides further access inland.


Lake Draught and Lake Principia are linked to the system. Principia also has a canal link to the Shocked Quartz Sea