Unity Earth Sphere Alliance Force

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Unity Earth Sphere Alliance Forces include all military assets, be they ground, air, space, or water, under the command of the Unity Earth Sphere Alliance. The U.E.S.A.F. reports to the Alliance High Council. Officially, the forces are part of the Commonwealth.

Coalition Forces

Alliance forces are typically joined in battle by additional military aid from the Alliance Member Worlds. These combined military assets are referred to as a coalition force. Ideally, highly-trained UESAF troops would form the core of any military campaign, backed up by auxiliaries from Alliance member worlds. In practice, Alliance troops often provide little more than a complement or support service.

During the Succession Wars, however, with ground troops in very high demand, many nations without standing armies were forced to institute mandatory conscription. In these cases, because of a lack of seasoned officers and tacticians, fresh recruits were folded in to existing Alliance units.


The UESAF is often referred to as "ten boys trying to do the work of a hundred men", for how incredibly under-funded and under-equipped they are. Alliance member worlds are required to contribute to the forces, but are given the option to either pay financially or commit portions of their standing armies. Most nations take the second option, but treaties also give them the ability to decide where their forces are to be committed, hence they place them on "home-guard defense" and essentially fulfill their duties by simply having an army of their own. This leaves the UESAF to try to carry out its charter on a tiny fraction of the funding necessary.

In no place is this issue more prevalent than in the UESAF Space Navy. While ground complements are not well-defined, the charter specifies very precise numbers and units, along with patrol routes, bases, and commitments. The bulk of these rules centered around the number of guns that should be deployed, not soldiers or ships.