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There are several different types of werewolves: the Lycanthrope and the Loup Garoux are the main, with other variants found in different regions. While the Lycanthrope is actually considered a Mystical Creature, the Loup Garoux is part of a sub-species known as Duality.

Many myths and misconceptions exist about werewolves, owing primarily to the confusion between the two species (no other mystical creature has a Duality equivalent), and to the Mage Wars, when not much of anything was certain and the goal was constantly to spread disinformation.

Other werewolves have been found created through Lycanthropy, a virulent curse created during the early First Chaotic Period. Efforts to identify afflicted individuals and quarantine them have been ineffective, and, while extremely rare, lycanthropy continues to make its way through the population.