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Due to vandalism issues, new users can only be created by contacting the Director directly.

So at some point here I imagine I am going to get some actual fans, and I imagine those fans might feel like helping with the wiki. First, you'll need to make an account.

Simple Things That You Can Do To Help:

  • First, spelling. Aside from page names and links, I have basically made no effort whatsoever to get the spelling right. This is because everything you see on the wiki is basically typed out directly from my head, and my head can't spell. So if you wanna just go through and correct my spelling, I'd appreciate it.
  • The links need some work. I learned wiki markup as i wnt, so I created a lot of links that just sort of go to the top of very large pages. For example, I might create a link to the Sixth Age, which as you can see, actually just goes to the top of the Ages page. The link should be Sixth Age to actually go to the right place. Hit "edit" on this page to see the difference.

So You Wanna Create Some Pages, Eh?

All right, maybe you really want to add to the wiki, and not just clean up after my sloppyness. That's fine, I'm not as guideline-happy as wikipedia, but a do have a few rules:

  1. Only use actual material from the Course Books as a source, don't make up anything new on your own. There are exactly two people in the world who know more about the series than what is in the available books; if you are not one of them then don't add anything you didn't specifically read in one of my books.
  2. Don't change anything that's already up here. I am the one writting the Course Books and my word is gospel. What I write up here and in the books is the final authority.
    1. Unless I got something wrong. At the time of this writing, the Course Books are over 900,000 words long, and it is impossible to remember every detail. I refer back to the books frequently, but I can make mistakes. The only thing more gospel than my words on this wiki is what I have published so far. Once it's out there, it's out there.
  3. Do not write in the first person. Occasionally, parts of the wiki will be written in the first person. Those are the parts that I, the Author, have written to tell you, the reader. I may use the first person voice because I am talking to you directly. You may not because you are not me.

Finally, any questions should be directed to Thank you.

Resources for making pages:

First, you should check the wikipedia cheatsheet. The Course Books Wiki uses the same mediawiki technology as wikipedia, so using their cheatsheet is fine. Wikipedia Cheatsheet

Check the wiki markup language for full resources. Wiki Markup

General Tips For Those Who Just Want To Jump Right In

Since I haven't figured out how to put examples of wiki markup on here without them actually doing the things they are supposed to do, your best bet is to hit up the Wikipedia Cheatsheet to get the msot basic wiki syntax. You can also view the soruce of pages here to see how things are done.

The beauty of wiki is the cross-linking technology, and the ability to create links to pages that don't exist yet. Please take advantage of this technology. If in the course of making a page, you think of something important that another page should be made for, make it a link. It will show up in red until the other page is made, but when that happens, the link will already be pointing to it!