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The Course Books is the name for the series of five books The Path to Ascension, The Road to War, The Concourse to Victory, The Inclination to Destiny, and The ByWay to Freedom. And look forward to the sixth book Seriously, I'm Running out of Path Synonyms

The Course Books take place primarily during the end of the Sixth Age, the Age of the Dragon and the Age of the New Day if you feel like using the Timeline to get precise dates.

Course Books FAQ:

Q. Why is it called "The Course Books"?

A. If you'll notice, each title is made up of "The {synonym for road} to {destination} ". The name "Course Books" just seemed logical at that point.

Q. What are the Course Books?

A. You might call it a work of experimental fiction, though I strive to stay away from such terms as they make it sound artsy. And if you've spent much time on The Internet, you know most art titled "experimental" really sucks. No, what sets this series apart is the way its written.

Q. What makes them so special?

A. The Course Books tells a story in pieces, and asks the reader to put them together. For example, in The Path to Ascension one story makes reference to a technology called "CTRL+Z", without giving any background information. In The Road to War, a story entitled CTRL+Z fills the reader in. Aside from merely patching the hole in the story from the previous volume, this establishes a chronoloy: the story in the second book must take place before the one in the first.

In all, the Course Books tell stories covering the same time-span, but allow the reader to put them together. This is a series for the avid reader, their are clues and hints and subtexts scattered throughout the plot.

Q. How long have you been working on this for?

A. You could say the Course Books started as early as the mid 1990s, though their was literally NOTHING on paper back then. My first attempts at putting pen to paper didn't start until around the late 1990s, and absolutely nothing from back then has been used. Though much of my original work survives to this day(and believe me, if you feel bad about your own early writting, mine is embarrassingly bad). Nothing that old has made into my modern work, though some ideas and character date back that far(Jason Bur'I's father originates in a story written in the summer of 99).

The original story-arch for the Course Books first began to take shape in the early 2000s, and was solidified by about 2002. The very first story ever to feature Hunter Jusenkyou, the Saratoga and the rest of the gang was probably written in about 2001. That story shall never see print because it is rather shockingly bad.

The earliest scraps of work to make it into publication were probably written as far back as 2002, though highly edited. I first began to assemble The Path to Ascension in 2005, though it wouldn't see print until 2007.

Curiously, even as of 2010, I am still dredging out stories I started in 2004 and piecing them into modern works. The Strange Matter Sword is basically a resurection of a story written around 2002 called Legends Speak, and while it contains none of the original material, it follows the same plotline.

Will It Ever End?

Not really. The story arc of the Course Books will be told in five volumes, but other books will be added later. The plot still has a lot of holes and unanswered questions, and not even the wiki gets to fill in everything.

Then of course there is the continuation of the story: the Consecution Books which picks up a few generations later. So I will never really stop adding to the series.

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