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The epic cycle of the Course Books presently contains 5 planned volumes (with three already complete and available), there will probably be a second cycle written in the same vein (because it's just so darn much fun!), of which two volumes have already been named.

Course Books Second Cycle

These books will be named in the Course Books lexicon, and following the same system there will be 5. However, do not expect these anytime soon; the Course Books have been in progress since the late 90s, and they aren't even finished.

Unlike the original cycle, the second series will have no over-arching plot, but will rather fall into the same over-arch as the original series, with one exception: no part of it will take place following the Long Night, so it will only cover the end of the Sixth Age and the Age of the Dragon.

However, there is no final chapter. The beauty of the Course Books style is that I can continue to write infinite installments using the same characters in the same timeframe. The story never ends, unlike The Neverending Story, which crapped out after 3 movies.

THOUGHTS: so we've reached the point where I am working on a Course Books Second Ed and I've also begun to accumulate some of the material that will go into the second book cycle.

What if in this cycle, I focus more on the Lore? This seems to be something I enjoy the most; specifically having the characters in the modern era re-discovering the ancient memories of the past.

No idea, I have a few hundred pages now.

The Bridge to Destination

Originally planned as a sort of after-thought to the Course Books, the Bridge has been rethought as the opening volume of the new cycle.

The Rush to Revelation

Basically more of the same. Absolutely nothing is planned for this one so far beyond the name; kudos to Max Stanton for suggesting it.

The Pavimentum

This will be another book following the Course Books style, in that it is a collection of short stories. The key difference being that there is no over-arching plot and few repeating characters. The Pavimentum seeks to tell all the stories that form the foundation of the Course Books. As such, much of it takes place during the Mage Wars and earlier. Thus far, it is notable for the origin story of Amuro Tenken.

The Fossa

The Fossa is just more of the Pavimentum. Because that is a well that will never go dry, and there are enough references to the history that I could write stories there forever.

The Radus

The Radus is a collection of chronological short stories that take place directly after the final part of the Course Books. This is not a continuation of the story, however, and mainly focuses on Joshua Jusenkyou and Lily McConery. It is a kind of setup for the next series.

The Consecution

"The Consecution" is a working title for a series of novels that take place around 20 years after the chronological end of the Course Books.


A series of novels set in the Course Books timeline is also in the works, though extremly preliminary. The Lost Nation is among these. No others have been named yet.