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Lily is a main character of the Course Books, who first appears chronologically in The Inclination to Destiny.

Published Biography

Name: Lily Patricia McConery

Age: 24 year 910 of the of the Sixth Age ((24 is accurate, check her birthdate on the wiki timeline, A.Y. 6886))

Physical description: 'She is 5 feet tall on the dot, raven black hair that’s always cut half way to her elbow with her bangs hanging in her eyes at a swooshy angle, and she usually has her hair tied back in a ponytail when working or if its hot. Her eyes are round, large and a very distinct Cobalt blue. Lily is described with the body of a ten year old, with her pencil thin frame she looks like you could easily snap her on two. Oh and she’s a werewolf, long dark brown fur with brindle highlights and bright yellow eyes'.

Current residence: Bur’Ian palace/Saratoga/Moon Garm ((Depending on the year)). Lily, along with Caleb Bur'I, Nyah Higimie, and Lily's dog Atlas, escaped Bur'I aboard a Star Hammer Series IV. Because none of them knew how to properly pilot the craft, they simply aimed it out of the solar system and left the engines running. The passengers experienced extreme time-dilation, and were rescued over three thousand years later, at the end of the Long Night.

Family situation: Lily lived in the foster-care system after the murder of her older brother Sam. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father was hit by a car after hearing the news and drinking until he could hardly stand. Eventually, Lily was sold to the Gudersnipe Foundation as a Lycanthrope for study (the Loup Garoux being accounted fictitious at the time), and her examiner was Jason Bur'I, who quickly ascertained that she was neither lycanthrope nor legally subject to study, and used his connections within the organization to have her sent to Bur'I to live with his father. She spent most of her teenage years as the Page (and her twenties, the Squire) to King Caleb of Bur’I, adventuring with Hunter, Jason and Metanie. After the two left she was stuck with Metanie, whom she and Caleb eventually fled. They were discovered by Hunter and Jason millennia later. She then lived on the Saratoga until she and Joshua moved to Moon Garm.

Friends/romantic interests: Lily having spent more than half her life alongside Hunter and Jason, they have become her 'go-to' guys and best friends. She does have some small friendship with Nyah Higimie, and Caleb Bur'I adores her as the daughter he never had. She also has a dog called Atlas. Near the Battle of the New Day, Lily married Joshua aboard the Saratoga. The wedding was officiated by Hunter Jusenkyou, and Caleb Bur'I gave away the bride. Jason was also present, and reportedly cried a little. After the battle, Lily and Joshua moved to Moon Garm to live.

Education: She was abducted and sold to Gudersnipe after completing 7th grade and home-schooled by Caleb on Bur’I. She also has a vast knowledge of random facts due to all the time spent with Hunter and Jason.

Occupation: Royal Squire/Lab-werewolf/Cop. On Moon Garm, Lily began a career in law enforcement and eventually became chief of police for her local precinct.

Hobbies/outside interests: She enjoys sketching, running, and playing 'fetch' in the Palace Rose Gardens and in the big garden Joshua made ((It starts with an A but I can’t recall it right now.))

Quirks/eccentricities: Lily has a childlike curiosity and sometimes speaks when she shouldn’t.

Strong points/weak points: Lily’s strong points come mostly from being a werewolf;–– her quick thinking, iron will, and creativity;–– whereas weak points include her small size and various fears (like darkness and inability to swim), and her allergy to silver.

Favorite song/type of music/TV program/movie: Lily's taste in music started when she lived in Bur’I, where she listened to anything Dora hated; mostly classic rock. Dora liked rap (ew).

Favorite Book(s)/magazine: Having access to just about every book on print, Lily reads popular books to keep with society; mostly fantasy books about magic and dragons and knights in shining armor. (Caleb never told her she was reading Bur’Ian History books)

Favorite Food(s)/restaurants(s): Meat, particularly Italian food from her old home planet; but the chef always obliges in making whatever recipes she can find. She also enjoys Cranberry muffins and Blueberry pancakes.

Favorite type of Architecture/furnishings/décor: Lily doesn’t really pay attention to architecture, but subconsciously picks colonial architecture when given the choice; she doesn’t remember much, but that was the style of her native pack's village.

Contents of medicine cabinet: Hairbrush; yellow electric toothbrush; orange plastic cup stolen from the Bur’Ian kitchen; mint-flavored mouthwash; whitening toothpaste that tastes kind of nasty; dinosaur Band-Aids (Kendrick has convinced her that the dinosaur ones make healing faster); dental floss; a few little tubes of nice shampoo collected from several hotel rooms while on trips with Caleb; a small plastic tube holding all her hair ties (one of every color for every occasion); a bottle of pain killer; peroxide; a pink make-up bag (containing women’s toiletries and a TASER); nail polish remover; eyeliner about three years old that still hasn't been opened; nail clippers (both human and dog nail clippers); doggy tooth brush for her Atlas; doggy shampoo for Atlas; Atlas’ collar that he never wears; and Atlas’s brush (which she shares when Hunter insists on grooming her wolf form just for the hell of it.)

Contents of purse/wallet/car’s glove compartment: Lily thinks a purse would weigh her down.

Wallet: Driver's license; standard Bur’Ian I.D.; Secret Service I.D.; Military I.D.; Bur’Ian money; a picture she took of Hunter pushing Jason into the palace’s Olympic-sized pool; a credit card; gift cards to various stores; Hunter Jusenkyou Funbucks (she has managed to spend them on hugs just yet); way too much change; local Library card (She has access to the royal library, but the card looks really cool; it's shiny)

Glove Compartment: gum; registration of her car; umbrella; C.D. case for music in her car; map; portable water bowl for Atlas; users' guide to the car; and a container of B.B.Q. sauce (of which she suspects Hunter).

  • One must ponder where she found Compact Disks on Bur'I, a technology which was never actually invented on Bur'I (they went directly from tape-decks to M.P.3s).
  • Well one shouldn't ponder it because I'm sure E-Bay still exists and has galactic shipping :)
  • Yes that's where Hunter gets his giant heat rock and Green Lantern comic books. I'm not sure C.D.s are used ANYWHERE in the verse, though, so that's a mystery :-P
  • Well maybe they're like the Vinyl Records; I know [the stores] still sell Vinyls and cassettes, so maybe C.D.s are vintage for [Bur'Ians]! XD
  • Yeah that's fine, I just think it's really funny =P
  • Well you should! I am really funny!

Favorite/least favorite way to travel: She likes traveling by car now that she has one, but enjoys walking usually. Lily is terrified of flight, and boats make her nervous; yet she’s comfortable with Starships besides minor claustrophobia.

Favorite car (same or different from type owned?): Lily loves her little light-blue convertible with its white leather interior that holds up rather well to her large dog that usually takes up the passenger seat. It's fast but has a tendency to break down at the wrong times (never trust Caleb with buying a car; he means well, but is gullible by dishonest salesmen). On Moon Garm Joshua bought a bright red convertible sports car just for fun, which she loves but prefers her old one.

Favorite Sport(s), if any (fan only, or also participant): Playing football with Hunter and Jason is always fun for her, as well as playing 'tug-of-war' with Atlas and wrestling with him or with Hunter or Joshua. She likes watching Dog Agility on T.V. and thinks it a graceful sport. Lily did take ballet lessons when she was little (paid by one of her foster families); but it only lasted a few weeks.

Way of speaking (proper/accent/slang/pet words or phrases?): Lily shortens most words to speak faster and put an idea into words before it disappears. When she was younger she has a very small hint of a Chicagoan accent; but it has faded over the years.

Personality/temperament: Her bark is nowhere near as bad as her bite and she doesn’t bite until you really piss her off. Lily is usually friendly and wants to make friends. This is a big change from the bad-tempered anxious little girl she used to be. Lily is scared easily and avoids some things, but is mostly adventurous and always wants to see novelties. She is always happier when around Hunter, Jason, and Joshua ('her boys' as she calls them).

Reputation (earned or otherwise): Among her people she is hated for the deaths she caused (see below). On Bur’I she was quite the entertaining spectacle, and never really had a problem with the paparazzi, often answering questions and giving interviews to a select few magazines, which she read on occasion. Jason tried to hide her from them but they never go overly crazy with her, as she was only a Page after all. On Moon Garm she is quite the norm, intimidating at work and a firm hand at home. The locals are wary of her when she’s out and about with Josh; but during the first few years there she was completely isolated.

Reaction to crisis/insults/threats/good or bad news: Lily fears crises, which sometimes paralyze her. Hearing an insult, she will make a snappy come-back and be unfazed most of the time; but if it hits near her past she will get upset but try (and usually fail) not to cry.

Skeletons in closet: After watching the Lycanthrope Darren kill her brother Sam, Lily killed a large portion of the werewolf population in the area. She had a rather steady friendship on Bur'I with the palace mechanic 'Scott', who was killed before her by Metanie Bur'I for not revealing Lily's location.

Dreams/aspirations/goals: To do something awesome with her life and make a work of art everyone from everywhere can appreciate. This is one of the fantasies all little girls dream up, but deeper is the wish to be normal, having a family with kids where her past can never find them.

Fears/phobias/obsessions: afraid of flying; can't swim, so I suppose of water; and deathly afraid of the dark.

Pets: She keeps a large, genetically-engineered German Shepherd that Jason made for her, with near human intelligence, named 'Atlas'. He loves Lily more than food and squeaky toys.

Spiritual life/faith/political leanings/worldview: Lily thinks religion is a joke and is confused by politics, but believes that everyone has a right to its own opinion.

Random Trivia: Her middle name is actually the name of her creator's grandmother, Lily's short temper being partally based on hers.

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