Dora Bur'I

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Dora is the daughter of Nitta Bur'I and half-sibling of Laden Bur'I; her biological father is never named in the series, and knowing Nitta he probably isn't Laden's father. Dora is not related in any way to Caleb Bur'I, and only took his name out of Bur'Ian custom.

Dora is a spoiled rich brat. Unlike Jason, she did not have a full-time child-rearing team seeing to her every need. Before Nitta married Caleb, and even a few years after, she spent most of her life in boarding schools. A combination of flunking every class and constantly acting out got her expelled, and she finally came to live in the royal palace, where Nitta hired private tutors for her but never made sure she was getting an education. Dora mostly just lies around enjoying the palace amenities.

She is fairly over-weight in her early teens but discovers plastic surgery around the age of 15. With Bur'I's advanced medical technology, she's able to to look pretty good while still being mostly plastic. She is somewhat a rival to Lily McConery, after a childish fashion: Lily, for example, disliked rap-music, and Dora habitually had it played to annoy her: as discordantly as possible, at earsplitting volumes; whereafter, Lily retaliated with classic rock.