Laden Bur'I

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Laden Bur'I is the son of Nitta Bur'I and brother of Dora Bur'I. He is the stepson of Caleb Bur'I and the step-brother of Jason Bur'I. He is a minor recurring character in the Course Books.


Laden is largely stuck-up and arrogant, without any reasonable claim to such sensibilities. He is much smarter than he lets be known, but has very poor social skills, leaving him unable to exploit his intelligence. He often entertains notions of succession to the throne; but under Bur'Ian law, he has no claim to it.


Laden's backstory is not established canonically; his father (possibly Nitta's first husband) is not mentioned. He is probably a member of the aristocracy, though Nitta may have been of common birth and was not above banging the occasional pool boy. So Laden may or may not be nobility.

During the events between The Reunion of the Eighth Power and Full Circle, Laden led a resistance movement against Metanie Bur'I, evading capture and winning numerous strategic victories. When the Foundation was brought under the order of Jason to stabilize Bur'I, Laden was allegedly killed in a final shootout with Metanie's loyalists. This secured his status as a martyr, and many millennia later statues were built in his honor.

Later Life and Death

In reality, Laden was mortally wounded and placed in stasis. In the confusion of humanitarian and war efforts on Bur'I, a paperwork error transferred the stasis capsule to cryogenic suspension. Another error some years later had the frozen martyr placed in long-term storage.

Nearly a century would pass before Laden was found. At the time, his injuries were still considered too severe to permit resurrection. However, his neural pathways were extensively scanned, and a computer simulation of his mind constructed and studied by Instructor Gailen.

Gailen worked on the brain off and on through the Long Night; Laden was an enigma to him, a curiosity. Gailen said that "While our most medicocure tacticians could defeat him with ease, he had an uncanny nack for winning against any and all computer-controlled opponents... including Lastries".