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Instructor Gailen is a Gudersnipe School Instructor active during the mid-to-late Sixth Age. As an instructor, he is most notable for overseeing the construction and launch of several unmanned probes to advance Gudersnipe's scientific explorations following the Kamian Succession Wars, and for the Gailen Fleet Revision. He was the chief Instructor of Hunter Jusenkyou.

Early Life

Born Roberto Gailen in A.Y. 6768, Gailen attended Gudersnipe School (like all Instructors), and fought in the Kamian Succession Wars. He directed the battle of the Don't Pass Line, still considered one of the major turning points of the war. His status as a stratgest and admiral are legendary, though he down-plays his role at every opportunity.

The Cabaret

The Cabaret was the code-name for an elite team of tacticians hand-picked by Gailen, who formed the real tactical genius behind the famous battle. Their true identities were kept secret even to the Foundation, and many of them appeared ordinary aides and attachés to the Supreme Commander.

Gudersnipe School

Following the de-armament at the end of the Succession Wars, Gailen applied to become Instructor at Gudersnipe School, and was allowed to bypass the normal service requirements based on his war record. This made him the youngest official Instructor in Foundation history.

Hobbies and Outside Interests

Gailen frequently uses gambling metaphors, especially when describing strategy(the famous "Don't Pass Line" battle draws its name from craps). Based on this, one might surmise that Gailen is a gambler, but that is not entirely true. Gailen's hobby is cheating casinos. He plays extensively, but he never "gambles".

The casino tomfoolery goes back to his days at Gudersnipe School, when he and his team devised a way to beat a roulette wheel using physics. Gailen had been interested in casinos and gambling since his youth, mostly in the notion that with enough skill he could win at games of chance. Before his time at Gudersnipe, he never had the opportunity to try. When he shared his interests with his student team, they immediately began looking for ways to abuse their access to advanced technology. Using a modified combat scanner and algorithms designed for targeting computers, they figured out how to predict where the ball would land. Gailen's very first trip into a real casino was highly successful, though money had never been more than a foot-note. He wanted to manipulate the odds.