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The main protagonist of the Course Books.

Battle Standard, Slayer Dragons.

Physical Description

(Taken from First Impressions) 'He was tall and stocky in build, with broad shoulders and already well-defined muscles. The years of training with Amuro had gifted him with excellent balance and good coordination, as well as a number of scars.

His hair was dark brown and cropped short. He didn’t need it in his face so he kept it that way. He had a firm, chiseled jaw and a sharp chin, which framed his piercing green raptor-like eyes. His eyes were set far apart and introduced a well-proportioned nose that was also sharp with somewhat of a rounded nub at the end. He took a moment to trace the lines of these features with a hand, reminding himself that he was himself, and if anyone asked, he could tell them as much. Then, he hiked his duffel bag up a little higher on his shoulder, and started his new journey'.

(In short, incredibly hot.)

Early Life

Hunter was born to Hygelic Jusenkyou and Sahar Jusenkyou on a round planet in an un-named finite dimension. His parents raised him until he was around 3 years old, when his mother was murdered by Ryoga.

Foster Care

Following his mother's death, Hunter's father abandoned him to the nation's foster care system. He was never formally adopted, and was raised in a variety of homes, never staying in any one for more than three or four months.

Early on, trouble seemed to follow Hunter, as a wide variety of unexplained accidents and fires dogged him. As a young boy, he was clearly troubled, often violent. While clearly possessing very high intelligence, he never went to the same school long enough to qualify for special treatment.

As he grew, his stunts became more elaborate. He dabbled in magic, though used his abilities in primarily positive ways. Arson, not so much. He would often run away from home, sometimes for days or weeks at a time, and even made a game of eluding search parties and other attempts to find him.

Teen Years

By his mid 'teens, Hunter had been transferred to a group home. This was perhaps the most stable part of his childhood, though he was loath to admit it. For the first time he went to one school and had a steady group of friends.

Trebuchet Incident

The infamous "trebuchet incident" occured while Hunter was in 11th grade, when he and a friend dismantled the soccer goals and pilfered various other articles from the athletics department (neither student was involved in any team sports) and used what they took to assemble a counterweight trebuchet of Hunter's design. The trebuchet was then used to fling a car, belonging to the captain of the football team, from the school parking lot to the middle of the football field, during practice.

No one was injured, but given the serious destruction of property and risk of bodily injury, Hunter was in trouble over the incident. He successfully talked his way out of an arrest on the basis that neither the school principal or the arresting officer could spell "trebuchet"; but the principal still pointed out that he had every reason to expel Hunter. So he was offered a deal: Hunter would be allowed to remain in school if he joined the gymnastics team and helped them win an upcoming competition.

Realizing that expulsion would mean several hours on a bus each day commuting to another high school, Hunter grudgingly agreed. At the time, not being entirely certain what "gymnastics" was, Hunter assumed some form of martial combat.

He was at first apprehensive; though in possession of the necessary skills, he found the entire sport repugnant. His opinions were significantly softened, however, when he attended the first practice and discovered the school's team was co-educational.

At Amuro Tenken's suggestion, Hunter also enrolled in ballet classes on his own time, under the belief that this would give him a competitive edge in gymnastics. Once again he was largely apprehensive until he discovered the class would involve staring at cute girls in leotards, three times a week.

Though he was heavily mocked and teased for joining the team (at least, more so than usual), he was clearly quite talented. The necessary balance and dexterity were skills he had spent much of his life developing. He also had strength and speed, as well as high stamina. All it took was instruction in the proper forms and hours of rigorous practice. And, much like ballet, since practice involved extended period near cute girls in tight leotards, Hunter had little trouble sticking with the deal.

He placed very highly at the competition and helped his school earn a first-place slot. His medals are one of the few items from his childhood that he both managed to hang on to and actually treasured later in life. He felt the medals proved that if the situation called for it, he could do unpleasant things, and do them exceptionally well. If cornered on the subject, he will usually admit that they remind him of tight-bodied girls in close-fitting outfits, and in the end that's the only thing that really matters.


From the age of around 13, Hunter began training with Amuro Tenken, who taught him many important skills and lessons. The two would maintain a master/student relationship throughout the rest of Hunter's life.


At the age of 17, Hunter was offered admission to Gudersnipe Assassin's School, which he immediately accepted. At the school he found opportunities that would never have presented themselves in his old life.

Together with his roommate, Jason Bur'I, the two immediately set about getting into trouble. They learned the ins and outs of the school in no time, and were keen to pursue independant projects, often ahead of proper tutelage. His team set their sights high, and competed in most of the ranked fields.

Atmospheric Pilot

As an atmospheric fighter pilot, Hunter was quick to volunteer for SEAD Duty before even learning what it was. He and Jason would fly almost exclusively SEAD missions, with a handful of high-profile reconnaissance and bombing missions. He flew almost no direct combat sortes, but was awarded the Air Medal for his work on weasel duty.

The majority of Hunter's sortes happened during a 1-month period in which he and Jason flew 97 missions totally one hundred and sixy hours over enemy air space. Every single one was considered a SEAD mission, usually with a minimum of four targets. He and Jason flew light, single-pilot aircraft designed primarily for manuverability in a high-threat environment.

During this time, Hunter also achieved "flying ace" status, with a total of seven air-to-air kills(the minimum required by the Crimson Blade is five). This is despite all of his missions being SEAD-style; he never once went in armed with air-to-air missiles; meaning every kill was achieved via Vulcan cannon, in very close quarters. Jason managed only three kills during his entire tenure as an atmospheric pilot, completely missing out on Ace status.


From atmospheric combat he moved on to space, where he lead the Daemon Wing unit of Harpies. Daemon Wing was made up primarily of his team and his neighbors, the ThunderFlash Team. Daemon Wing did not recieve any commendations but was involved in several very high-profile battles. Their slogan was "If you strap enough thrust onto a brick, it will soar like an eagle. If you strap enough thrust onto an eagle, it will soar like Daemon Wing".

After several missions leading Daemon Wing, Hunter took the Trivoli Exam and was given command of the Saratoga along with promotion to the rank of Captain. He would later use the Saratoga as his flagship when he made Admiral.


At the school, Hunter earned the rank of Admiral Commodore and commanded the school's entire Western Fleet. He earned 5 of the 6 commendations awarded by the school, including Star Unit and Star Student. He did not earn the "medical" commendation as he received only very basic first-aid training. However, it was awarded to his roommate, making his unit the most decorated in the school.


Hunter is one of a small handful of students ever to be granted "triple-ace" status, requiring that he achieve a minimum of five in-combat kills against any vehicles, in three separate venues. In this case, air, space, and mecha. Hunter achieved notable status for not only reaching the minimum five, but actually separately achieving ace-status in each venue(all of whom have a different individual requirement. The minimums are: five for in-atmosphere combat, twenty-seven for space(with a minimum fifteen classified as "fighters" and 5 considered "stunt" fighters"), and fifty for mecha. Students may be granted 'triple-ace- status only for achieving five kills in each venue, but those who are independently granted each Ace designation are allowed to add a card suit to the title; Hunter chose "Triple Ace of Swords".

Flight Certifications

Hunter holds one interesting distinction for flight certifications. While attending Gudersnipe School he attended and completed the NO MERCY fighter training program, graduating First in his class. Shortly after becoming a Slayer Dragon, he was also invited to attend the Alliance equivalent J-BOSS program, which he also finished First in class, making him both the only person in history to attend both programs but also graduate at the top of the class.


After graduation, Hunter accompanied Jason to Jason's home planet Bur'I, where he served as a Royal Squire to the crown, and generally made mischief with Lily McConery (who still insists that Hunter is her side-kick). During his time on Bur'I, Hunter was plagued by nightmares he believed were warning him of Draco's impending death.


After three years, Hunter would leave Bur'I for Arindell, initially with the goal of meeting Draco. He arrived, however, to discover that the visions were not warning, but rather informing him of Draco's death.

At Hokori's suggestion, Hunter entered training to become a Slayer Dragon and took The Trials. Because of his status as a Gudersnipe graduate (the first ever to take the Trials), he was permitted to skip the two years of training and one year of written examinations. Only the physical tests would be required, and he completed those in a record 2 years.

SAS Membership

Since his Gudersnipe years, hunter had held a Junior Associate Membership in the Stormwind Antiquarian Society. When he began The Trials, he formally began living in Arindell and was able to claim an "In Residence" portion of his membership. He used this to rent a small study in Valley Gale Keep, which he used as a private hidaway and escape from his rather small accommodations as a trainee.

Slayer Dragon

Hunter was anointed in A.Y. 6903 along with Lina Rowen, with whom he had taken The Trials. Hunter would spend 5 years as a Slayer Dragon before a conflict with Ryoga and the First Army of Darkness saw his rather sudden promotion to Pendragon.

Battle Standard, Slayer Dragons.

Battle Standard

When told to choose the elements of his battle standard, he selected a dragon and a setting sun, prompting the nickname "dragon of the setting sun", by which he was known throughout the Foundation. He felt that the notoriety of this name (by which he was often known more than by his given name) would continue to help him as a Slayer Dragon. He had also selected the colors crimson and black for his regalia, which (associated with the Foundation) prompted questions about his loyalty. When asked, Hunter simply stated that he had worn those colors so long he would never feel right in anything else.

Critical Analysis of the Standard

When Hunter became Pendragon, opponents in the senate were quick to jump at his decisions, even hiring psychologists and investigators to analyze the standard (the shape of which he had carefully directed) for any subconscious clues. The analysts pointed out that when an equilateral triangle (often used as the symbol of the Foundation) was overlaid on the standard, the two points passed through the main elements, while a third sat in a "conspicuously open" spot, which they believed was secretly set to represent the Gudersnipe Foundation, to which they claimed he was still loyal.

Despite numerous censures, Hunter refused to appear before the senate committee and, and eventually made a public statement about his standard that "What I have placed there, I have placed there".

Alliance Millitary

While serving as a Slayer Dragon, Hunter was also granted the rank of Kernel in the Alliance Liberator Air Force


In A.Y. 6910 Hunter took up the Sword Echbalder and became Pendragon of Slayer Dragons. Because the sword was passed to him in battle with the previous Pendragon's dying breath, many contested his station; but his influence within the Alliance and with the Gudersnipe Foundation solidified his position.

Interaction With Foundation

Hunter made no secret of his strong ties with the Gudersnipe Foundation, having a great deal of interaction with the organization. No Pendragon in history had ever had such strong ties with the organization, and while he had no formal political power, he did much to strengthen relations between the two groups.


The same year he became Pendragon (and in fact only slightly before the event), Hunter married Lina Rowen (though she still used her maiden name as a Slayer Dragon). The two were not the first couple to wed as Slayer Dragons, and the practice was not at all uncommon. The Slayer Dragons even have a special marriage ceremony, officiated by the Pendragon. One of Hokori's last official acts was to marry the two.

Random Trivia

Hunter actually smoked cigarettes for a short time at Gudersnipe School, the habit begining in the short story Tale of a Gun from The Road to War. Though it is revealed that Jason Bur'I already smokes in Introductions from The Concourse to Victory.

Personality Cult

The Gudersnipe Foundation is always quick to capitalize on its more enigmatic members. Hunter, being both interesting and successful, was ripe for championing their goals and accomplishments. While he was still a student at Gudersnipe School and already turning heads, the Foundation sponsored an animated telvision show based on a highly fictionalized version of Hunter, as well as a series of graphic novels and juvenile fiction books. The events of these stories were entirely an invention of the writers, and only vaguely borrowed his likeness and the names of his companions and vehicles.

By graduation, the fictional exploits of Hunter Jusenkyou were quite popular throughout the Foundation and Joint Space. A live-action TV series and several movies spawned, as well as rising popularity in the comic book series. All of this gave way to merchandise, including a very extensive line of Hunter Jusenkyou action figures.

Everything from the Gudersnipe-sponsored works was complete fiction. Storylines and plot ideas were drawn from public knowledge about the Foundation and invented to be "similar to the sorts of things he actually did". Only a few very high-profile missions were made public.

As interest waned in the Foundation, Hunter rose first as a Slayer Dragon and later as Pendragon, leading to a resurgence in interest in Joint Space and the Alliance. For a brief time, the fictional exploits were mistakenly believed dramatizations of fact (though quickly exposed otherwise). Seeing the potential market, media franchises within the Alliance produced new material. Because everything the Slayer Dragons do is of public record, this time they based things in real life events, though many still dramatized situations or resorted to outright fiction.

All of this led to an extensive fan-following and personality cult that persisted until his death. Interest would be revived many millenia later, during the transition from the Long Night and into the New Day.


Hunter has been issued his own currency in the form of Hunter Jusenkyou Funbucks which are legal tender within the Gudersnipe Foundation, but only accepted at Outbase Rishtag.

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