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Lina Rowen (later Lina Jusenkyou), is a main character of the Course Books. She is first introduced in The Path to Ascension's story number 11, The Slayer Dragons. Lina is, of course, a Slayer Dragon, and is anointed along with Hunter Jusenkyou in A.Y. 6905.

Early Life

Lina was born Rowen, a remote autonomous country in the northern reaches of the Greater Continent. Being both the name of the country and the name of a people group, it is also the most common family name in the country.

In Rowen it is very common to learn at least some magic, and such was the case for Lina. She had no formal training, but was instructed by an elderly sorceress who lived in a hermitage near her family farm. While her parents and sisters were non-mages, Lina had shown great potential from around the age of five, and probably started training at age six. By the time she'd reached adolescence, she was a very accomplished, if under-appreciated mage.

Teen Years

By the time she'd turned thirteen, Lina had gained something of a reputation as a 'local terror' for her sharp temper and tendancy to follow up emotional outbursts with outbursts of fire. While a charismatic and sweet girl at heart, she was strong for her small stature and a gifted sorceress. The ability to produce Magefire, coupled with the typical mood swings of adolescence, made for a rather explosive mix.

It was also around this time that Lina began to feel truly discontented with her place in life. Her magic teacher had finally passed away, and she was approaching the age at which most Rowen girls marry. According to tradition, as the youngest daughter she was expected to find a husband to come to the family farm, and to live there the rest of her life tending the lands the family had worked for millennia. Being not at all happy with this fate, she made up her mind to strike out on her own.

Traveling Years

Rumors had reached Lina's small town of a werewolf stalking the area, and Lina's first adventure started when she made up her mind to kill it. Armed with her bow, magic, and several silver-tipped arrows, she went hunting, found, and killed the beast. Taking its teeth and hide, she sold them for traveling money and began her grand adventure.

Quickly, Lina found there was a fortune to be made going after bandits. Rowen had always had a very serious problem with banditry, being large and sparsly populated, with dense forest separating its population centers. Policing was impossible, and banditry was, for many, seen as a good alternative to subsistence farming.

Lina began by hunting for bounty, but soon discovered that most bandit gangs had large hoards of gold. It was profitable to simply locate a bandit camp, set everything on fire, and make off with the loot. While killing bandits who were not 'wanted' was, technically, a crime, it was the sort of thing Rowen authorities politely ignored, in favor of seeing fewer bandits and safer roads. Lina's reputation as "bandit killer" and "bandit slayer" grew quickly, and she made a very good living at it for about a year until bandits in Rowen became an endangered species. A statue was erected of Lina in the town of Lauren, where she is worshipped as a minor local diety.

Lina's exact profit from her bandit-hunting days is unknown, though she did 'retrieve' several high-profile gold shipments. One such shipment consisted of over fifty thousand weights of gold (equivalent to several million credits). She lived extravagantly during this time and developed a very serious gambling problem. While she bought a number of rare and magical items during this time (including a pair of Orichalcum bracelets equipped with large enchanted rubies, and her distinctive hoop earrings), nearly all the money she made was lost at the gambling tables.

Hidakots Hunt

At around age sixteen, Lina first learned of the dark wizard Hidakots, who was threatening the lands of Rowen and Sindall. It is unclear exactly when Lina first encountered his minions, but it can be assumed that the encounter did not go well for them.

Lina's motives were not purely financial, but described the decision to go after Hidakots as 'like climbing a mountain'. While it's true that he was bad for the region in general, and a distinctly evil being, Lina saw mostly challenge and profit in bringing about his demise. Together with a group of other travelers, she tracked Hidakots over the course of a year, finally cornering him in his death fortress, and engaged him. The battle was fierce and extremely challenging, but in the end the wizard was defeated.

Lina had actually arrived at the fortress just hours ahead of a team of Slayer Dragons led by the Pendragon himself, and upon meeting Hokori, Lina was inspired to travel to Arindell and take The Trials herself.

Slayer Dragon

Lina completed The Trials in just two years, a record for someone with her background. She was anointed alongside Hunter Jusenkyou, with whom she'd become well acquainted. In training, the two were inseparable and showed tremendous promise, far and above the other trainees. It was not until after her anointment that it was discovered Lina had skipped about 3/5s of the requisite Trials and training. Seeing as it was "too late", Hokori retro-actively gave her special dispensation. However, she still holds the record for fastest completion, since the initial count still says two years.

While on a mission to defeat The Dark Lord Nimi, Lina and Hokori were in a desperate search for powerful relics. As they were negotiating to borrow the Staff of Manos, she spotted a sword with the name written on the hilt in Scholar, smashed the case open, and proceeded to blatantly steal Shenti, the Sword of Liberty from a people who didn't realize they had it. Hunter would afterward use his connections to smooth over the theft.

Some years after the Trials, Lina married Hunter. This marriage produced two daughters: Emily and Naomi.