Shenti, the Sword of Liberty

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Shenti-Zeal is one of the three (apparently four) legendary swords from the Mythical Age, the others being Sword Echbalder and Iall.


According to Legend, Shenti would have been one of the swords given to the Hero of Light's lieutenants. The legends are vague on the exact number, though it's generally assumed he had either two or three. Each sword had incredible power, and Shenti's was 'the ability to protect anything'. Aside from mentions in The Book of Lore, no record of the sword has been found in Antiquity.

In fact, no account has yet been found anywhere of the actual sword, all throughout history. Its existence was known from the book; but like Echbalder, it's location was lost since the end of the Mythical Age and the dawn of Greater Antiquity.


In the 905th year of the Sixth Age, a Dark Lord wrought havoc on Kai Chi. Desperate for powerful weapons, Lina Rowen and Hokori traveled by GATE to Arden Song, the capitol of an inter-stellar monarchy famous for its collection of rare and valuable artifacts from the Mage Wars.

The queen of Arden Song refused to lend them any of the kingdom's priceless treasures, but Lina and Hokori were still allowed to tour the Arsenal vaults. While exploring the museum outside the vaults, Lina spotted something sitting in a dusty display case in a disused corner. The card on the case claimed it was a ceremonial letter-opener dating to the reign of Queen Sophia I, roughly five hundred years earlier; but Lina noticed that it was, in fact, a sword, and had a name written on the hilt in Ancient script.

Lina promptly smashed open the display case, snatched the sword, hid it under her cloak, then found Hokori and insisted they leave before anyone noticed her theft. The sword proved to be Shenti-Zeal, and a thousand-fold more powerful than anything in Arden Song's famed Arsenal. Following the defeat of the Dark Lord, Hunter Jusenkyou made use of his "connections" with the Arden government to have the sword retro-actively declared "a gift".