Arden Song

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Arden Song is the capitol of the Arden Star Empire, a small inter-stellar Monarchy dating back to the late Dynastic Period of the Mage Wars. Arden is often compared to Bur'I, though their royal line is not unbroken. The kingdom is much larger and more centrally located in Joint Space, consisting of a single large star cluster, to which Arden lays claim. There are a little over 300 stars in the cluster, with 223 settled planets formally part of the Arden Star Empire.

Arsenal of Freedom

The capitol, Arden Song, is most famous for housing the single best-preserved collection of magical artifacts in the known worlds. Called the Arsenal of Freedom, the collection was allegedly used to defend Arden during the Second Chaotic Period, though in truth Arden, which had broken off from the M'KHaren Empire in the late Dynastic Period, was effectively left alone during the Chaotic. It has also been determined that many (though not most) of the items in the collection were acquired during the Golden Age, usually bought at auction.

Still, these factors make the collection no less impressive. Amongst Arden's collection are most of the known supply of Mithrill, the sigil stones of several famous Towers, and the only Relics of known prominence. The entire collection is considered to be beyond priceless, and a rather considerable sum is spent on ensuring its security.

The Arsenal is housed in a series of heavily-protected chambers beneath the National Museum in the capitol. Different sections have different levels of security, with a system of nested vaults used to protect the most valuable treasures (one article reported nesting as much as nine deep in one instance). Items are displayed at one of three major museums in the capitol, all of which are connected by the tunnels and vaults, with some exibit space actually being within the vaults themselves.

Notable Items