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Hokori was the last official Pendragon of Slayer Dragons, anointed in A.Y. 6854 and made Pendragon in 6873.

Early Life

Born in A.Y. 6819, Hokori was a native Atayan, but born and raised in Arindell. He lived his whole life in the shadow of the Slayer Dragons, and by his own admission, he began training to take The Trials at the age of 7.

Unlike many potential applicants to the Order, Hokori did not go to Valley Gale Keep to begin his formal training until the age of 18, by which time he had mastered most of the neccessary skills. He was an obvious front-runner to be a new Slayer Dragon, and quickly attracted the attention of Ian Riley, the current carrying-Pendragon.

Despite his obvious talents, Hokori was not granted special dispensation, and required to complete the entire 5-year training course. He did, however, finish the Trials in record time, and was the next Slayer Dragon to join the order.

Slayer Dragon

Unfortunately, due to his timing, there was not initially a position available. Hokori was selected to become a Slayer Dragon at the age of 23, but was not annointed until A.Y. 6854, when he was 35. During that twelve-year timespan, he served as the personal atache to Ian Riley, a Slayer Dragon in all but name.

When finally anointed, Hokori quickly became Ian's right-hand, and there was little doubt that he would be the next Pendragon. He took up the sword in A.Y. 6873, at the age of 54.

Later Life and Death

Hokori carried the sword with distinction, though his time as Pendragon was less tumultous than his predecessor. He focused on improving relations between the Alliance and the Foundation, which had been strained since the end of the Kamian Succession Wars.

In his time as Pendragon, he held the first double anointment in history, bringing Hunter Jusenkyou and Lina Rowen into the order.

Hokori died in A.Y. 910, the final year of the Sixth Age.