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The Pendragon is the leader of the Slayer Dragons. The official title is Pendragon of Slayer Dragons. Typically a Pendragon will serve several years as a Slayer Dragon before taking up the sword. The Sword Echbalder is the badge of rank for the Pendragon. The current Pendragon is typically identified as the "carrying-Pendragon" because he carries the sword.


The Pendragon carries as his insignia of rank a enchanted sword(the only weapon passed from one generation to the next among the Slayer Dragons). The weapon was created during the Second Chaotic Period of the Mage Wars. While a powerful weapon in it's own right, the sword, called Echbalder, was desgned for a singular purpose: to retrieve the powerful relic sword Echbaldham, a weapon of great power from the Age of Myth. The mages who originally created the sword intended that the wielder of Echbalder, if he were worthy, could open a portal and wield Echbaldham.

Although apparently made of ordinary steel (though of high-quality), the Sword Echbalder is a potent magical amplifier, giving the Pendragon increased spell-casting ability simply by possession, and even greater power by holding it.

As a weapon, it is described as very sharp (despite a broad blade) and finely-balanced, described by most experts as the best-made weapon they had ever seen. Each Pendragon who held it described the sword as "perfectly suited" to them, despite great differences in height and build between Pendragons.

The sword is very closely tied to the office or rank of Pendragon, with "taking up the sword" to describe the act of becoming Pendragon. A Pendragon's time in service is defined by time in which it "carried the sword".

Several Pendragons have described the magic of the sword as commanding them, more than they controlling it. A Pendragon may only draw the sword with total purpose of being, with intent to use it. In many Honorariums, Pendragons have made illusions to what they call 'the blood rust', a condition which afflicts them when the sword is drawn and not used. It causes pain, insomnia, and restlessness, and can only be relieved by putting the sword to use. In a situation where no reasonable target is available, the sword must be turned upon themselves. It has also been said, however, that the greatest Pendragons were able to conquer the blood rust.

History of the Sword

The first record of the Pendragon's sword comes in B.G.A. 74, late in the Second Chaotic Period of the Mage Wars. Mages in Ataya crafted a magical sword meant to act as a gateway, to bring back the sword of legend that supposedly formed the mighty Empire of Roads.

However, the sword would not be used until B.G.A. 6, when it was given to Eieber to lead the final battle for Ataya's freedom. This began Eieber's Long March that would eventually end the Mage Wars, and form the Alliance. This sword became the sword of the Pendragon.

Throughout all of the Ages of the Alliance, it would be carried by each Pendragon successively, until the Order of Slayer Dragons was destroyed at the Battle of the Last Stand in A.Y. 6960.

In the New Day, a replacement was made, entitled 'Consecution': held to be the identical sword of the Pendragon, until found to be otherwise by Scarlet Jusenkyou.

This is further complicated in peripheral books like Going South, wherein the sword is called the 'Consecution' throughout.

Scientific Analysis

In A.Y. 6203 as an act of good faith during the Kamian Succession Wars, the Alliance allowed scientists from the Gudersnipe Foundation to perform the first and only known scientific tests on the sword.

The tests were strictly non-invasive; the Foundation was not allowed to damage or dismantle the sword in any way. Many very high-resolution photographs and scans were made, as well as extensive and highly-detailed measurements. The survey team found the blade to consist of a very complex alloy including iron, copper, silver, and even some gold. They also found a very high incidence of carbon nanotubes, which explains its fine edge.

The examination revealed that the blade was forged by a folding technique with layers of hard and soft metals, making it stronger and less likely to break under force. This technique was not known to be used in the region at the time, but was later confirmed common under period Atayan swords.

Gudersnipe's analysis indicated that the sword was made with a degree of craftsmanship not previously believed possible using Atayan tools and techniques. This stired up a great deal of controversy until a group of Craftsmen came forward (many of Atayan descent and still practicing Atayan techniques) and made an almost perfect replica of the sword, in front of Gudersnipe's documentary film crew. The replica did not have the original's magical properties but was of equal quality and made entirely by tools and techniques available in B.G.A. 74.

The Craftsmen further suggested the Foundation study weapons of the early Slayer Dragons (of which a few were available), also made by early descendants of the Atayan artisans who made the Sword Echbalder. An analysis revealed similar levels of quality.

A study of modern Slayer Dragon weapons and regalia was then carried out, which were made using some modern technologies but with similar techniques, and found only marginal improvements in quality over the early items.

List of Pendragons

For nearly six thousand years, the Echbalder was passed from one Pendragon to the next in a continuous line.

Pendragons of the Golden Age

#Name:S.D.C.Years as Slayer Dragon (A.Y.)Years as As Pendragon (A.Y.)Years ServedYears Carrying
1Eieber0B.G.A. 6 - A.Y. 157B.G.A. 6 - A.Y. 1576363
2Aden Searlin62A.Y. 143-181157-1811424
3Jayce Spearlock86A.Y. 171-1111181-11111030
4Astrid Stador116A.Y. 1102-11381111-1138828
5Emily143A.Y. 1135-12101138-1210372
6Tanner Ruegg215A.Y. 1173-1216A.Y. 1210-1216376
7Orin221A.Y. 1166-1218A.Y. 1216-1218512
8Johan Teague223A.Y. 1211-1223A.Y. 1218-122375
9Ace Barnam2281218-1258A.Y. 1223-1258535
10Landon Aldis263A.Y. 1238-1300A.Y. 1258-13002042
11Colby Holman305A.Y. 1293-1325A.Y. 1300-1325725
12Adam Souza330A.Y. 1321-1366A.Y. 1325-1366441
13361A.Y.A.Y. 1366-139731
14388A.Y.A.Y. 1397-142427
15444A.Y.A.Y. 1424-148044
16Genghis Sater485A.Y. 1461-1529A.Y. 1480-15291949
17506A.Y. A.Y. 1529-155021
441 Years Unacounted
26Scott Sagen996A.Y. 1958-2201991-2206027

Pendragons of the Second Age

#Name:S.D.C.Years as Slayer Dragon (A.Y.)Years as As Pendragon (A.Y.)Years ServedYears Carrying
28Alubus Pendergast11442122-21712139-21711732
151 Years Unacounted
30Anthony Trac1204A.Y. 2166-22422201-22423541
31Sydnee Stanton1246A.Y. 2231-23022242-23021160
32Robert Desaradie1306A.Y. 2295-2347A.Y. 2302-2347745
34Michael Muranaka143024152427-24594432
453 Years Unacounted
44Rhys Rayborn????A.Y. 2830-2889A.Y. 2850-28895929
45Uremer Lafiet1894A.Y. 2877-2940A.Y. 2889-29401251
471 Years Unacounted

Pendragons of the Third Age

#Name:S.D.C.Years as Slayer Dragon (A.Y.)Years as As Pendragon (A.Y.)Years ServedYears Carrying
Lal Soratami23782414A.Y. 3375-3417A.Y. 3411-3437362662
433 Years Unacounted
Kumono Sorenio28412873A.Y. 3838-39003870-3900323062

Pendragons of the Fourth Age

#Name:S.D.C.Years as Slayer Dragon (A.Y.)Years as As Pendragon (A.Y.)Years ServedYears Carrying
#Sheila GaletS.D.C.A.Y.4487-4537A.Y.4500-45371337
#Andrei RansomS.D.C.A.Y. 4529-45404540-4573733
#Gabriel RikartS.D.C.A.Y. [Years]-45734573-4613[years]40
2102 Years Unaccounted

Pendragons of the Fifth Age

#Name:S.D.C.Years as Slayer Dragon (A.Y.)Years as As Pendragon (A.Y.)Years ServedYears Carrying

Pendragons of the Sixth Age

#Name:S.D.C.Years as Slayer Dragon (A.Y.)Years as As Pendragon (A.Y.)Years ServedYears Carrying
Lydia Lionheart5045A.Y. 617-667A.Y. 642-6672525
757 Years
117Ian Riley5814A.Y. 6799-6873A.Y. 6811-68731262
118Hokori5876A.Y. 6854-6910A.Y. 6873-69101937
119Hunter Jusenkyou5914A.Y. 6905-750A.Y. 6910-750550

This completes the Pendragons of the Ages of the Alliance.

Second Iteration of Pendragons

When Conri Jason Jusenkyou revived the order during the Age of the New Day, he revived the Slayer Dragon Count. However, it was already N.D. 35 when he founded the new Order, so the new S.S.D.C. makes about as much sense as the old one:

#Name:AnointedAs PendragonService N.D.As PendragonYears ServedYears CarryingTotal
1Conri Jason Jusenkyou<11